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The Bone Yard (1990)

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James Cummins
98 minutes
Ed Nelson, Deborah Rose, Norman Fell, James Eustermann, Denise Young

I've never heard of this film until recently, so I obviously wasn't sure what to expect, but in the end I was pleasantly surprised with it. The movie is really cheesy in parts, but also manages to be somewhat creepy at times. The film is slow in the first 30 minutes because we're introduced to the lead characters, like a couple investigators and the psychic woman. It starts to really pick up when they go to the morgue to check out a few bodies. It turns out that this Chinese man was keeping a few children locked up in his home, because he believed they were cursed and it was his duty to keep them contained. After the man died the children are sent to the morgue and naturally once thought to be dead come back to life and wreak havoc.

I thought the three zombie kids were really sweet looking -- an interesting mix of a demon and a standard zombie. It's probably some of the better zombie make-up I've seen, and they managed to make the film fairly creepy in parts. We eventually learn that if someone or something eats the rotting flesh of one of these foul creatures that they would also turn into a. So towards the end we're witness to a giant killer zombie poodle and a big ass crazy zombie lady! That's when the movie gets really cheesy, and reminded me a bit of the classic Peter Jackson film Dead Alive, but this movie came out a few years before that, so it makes you wonder where Peter may of have gotten some of these ideas, hmmmm..

This movie had a decent amount of gore and cool special effects. I gave this movie a 6-rating and nothing higher because it did have its fair share of plot holes and some bad acting, but other than that it was fun and enjoyable. I think a lot of people are turned off by this film because of the dumbass DVD cover (not shown), showing the whacked-out giant poodle, but I assure you it's not a bad film. I was hoping for more zombies in this movie, but the ones they did offer were somewhat original and not as clichéd as the ones we're all used to.

Underrated zombie film. Good effects, interesting zombies, and a lot of cheesy-ness. Check this movie out with an open mind.

Posted on July 2, 2009 - 11:07pm | FrighT MasteR