Borderland (2007)

July 30, 2009 - 12:41am | FrighT MasteR
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Zev Berman
Brian Presley, Jake Muxworthy, Rider Strong, Martha Higareda, Damian Alcazar, Sean Astin

Loosely based on the true story involving the disappearance of a young American tourist that was linked to a cult leader that practiced human sacrifice, Borderland was the sleeper hit of the After Dark festival, in my opinion. Mulberry Street and Deaths of Ian Stone were other hits in the fest, but both seemed to get a bit more buzz than this did, which led me to not expect much from this. It turns out that this is actually a good movie, and delivers a realistic approach at how certain scenes would likely turn out in real life. This is no cookie-cutter movie.

The story follows three friends on vacation in Mexico City, where after a night of partying, one of them is kidnapped by a cult and is planned to be part of a ritual involving human sacrifice. With no help from the local police, the two friends, along with the aid of a local female bartender and a broken-down ex-detective that lost his partner to the cult, attempt to save their friend before it's too late. However, they discover that facing them is much harder than they expected, especially when they're also being hunted down themselves.

The film had a pretty strong opener and I assumed would probably be the only good thing about the film, but luckily the low-expectations I had for it led me to like the flick even more. After the characters have been established in the beginning, the film really doesn't have any dull moments, and even offered a couple tense scenes, especially one involving one of our leads being cornered by the group of cult members. That was probably one of the better on-foot chase sequences I've seen in a while, even though it was a little shorter than I would have liked. There's also surprisingly good amount of gore in all the right places.

I'm actually surprised this movie didn't get more buzz from viewers. With a decent cast, interesting premise, and a realistic approach towards certain events, there really wasn't much bad about the film. Be sure to catch this one when it hits DVD on March 18th, along with the other films from the festival.

A surprisingly good movie that delivers a realistic approach towards certain events and doesn't give us a cookie-cutter film. Along with a decent cast and a good amount of gore in all the right places, this proved to be one of After Dark Film's sleeper hits of the festival. Worth a check.

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