Brutal (2018)



With a title like Brutal, there’s not much to expect outside of intense torture, blood, screaming and well…sheer brutality. This delivers, and then some.

Japanese gore is one of the best sub genres in horror. Similar to the French, they just know how to convey the utmost viciousness in every character created. Never disappointing the fans, Brutal fits nicely into this motif as it is broken into 3 Chapters: Man, Woman and Man & Woman.

Man (played by Butch) is a psychopathic colossal monster who immediately enters the screen with cruel and vile acts geared towards several young girls he has clearly abducted for his warped pleasure. Each female is bound and gagged with tape, while their shrieks of terror overpower Man’s attack on girl number one, as the others watch in pure fear.

Man’s kidnapping continues and includes a beautiful American woman (Anna) portrayed by the amazing Katrina Grey. Grey once again extends her savage strength to fend off this monstrosity and doesn’t quit, until unfortunately succumbing to a rather grisly demise.

The assaults and violence are bloody and brutal as Man stays focused on his blind hatred towards women. There is no good natured soul peeking out from within Man and he resumes all his murders with more and more intensity.

Chapter 2, Woman (Ayano) begins in a similar fashion but this time…she is the enforcer. Taking men to remote locations and apartments, Woman launches her knife strikes with undeniable ferociousness. There is a small ounce of tenderness that is found within Woman at one point, and one might start to root for the pretty maniac. But alas, never forget she is still a ruthless killer that preys solely upon men, knocking that stereotype into the ground abruptly.

Chapter 3: Man & Woman…when they meet finally, the strange cosmic energy feeds off each other without a single word murmured. And upon entrance into Man’s domain, the battle between Man vs. Woman hurls into a frenzy of cuts, stabs and slices. It is endless and extremely persistent as if they were gladiators dueling to the death.

Brutal is intense. It glosses over a dreamlike sequence of motive that comes striking full force in the end. Just when you think this is nothing but another torture porn film with no point to it, the movie smacks you in the face with one hell of a breakthrough. It’s unnerving, disturbing and downright pitiful. Looking for a trippy plot twist? Get a load of Brutal!