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The Bunker: The Evil is Within (2002)

  Tags: Charley Boorman, Deathwatch, ghosts, haunting, Jack Davenport, John Carlisle, Josh Cole, military, Rob Green, Simon D'Arcy, The Bunker, The Bunker: The Evil is Within, uk, war, wwII

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Rob Green
95 minutes
Charley Boorman, John Carlisle, Josh Cole, Simon D'Arcy, Jack Davenport

I heard about this movie a little after I saw Deathwatch and it's amazing how similar both films are. I found them to both be pretty equal to each other.The story is much like Deathwatch. It's about this group of German soldiers in the middle of WWII who are ordered to hold up in an enclosed bunker and cannot leave without the orders saying so. What's different about this particular bunker is the tunnels that are deep within it that are said to be haunted. With enemy forces closing in it's up to them to decide whether to die in the bunker or try and risk their sanity by leaving through the tunnels.

Both movies are similar themed and even have the men going crazy much like they did in Deathwatch. I was hoping for something different here, but found that the only big difference was this one had a little more action in the beginning, which made it seem like it was going to be a better film, but in the end it was just pretty much the same. The horror stuff in this movie did start happening a little sooner than I expected, but it still didn't really reveal that it was a horror movie until later on. So is it scary? Well, it has its creepy moments, but once again, I didn't find any of it scary. Bah.

The movie is interesting, but much like I did in Deathwatch, I was hoping for more horror elements. I guess I'm just expecting too much from these movies. Oh well. I wanted to give this movie a higher-rating, but I wasn't into it enough. It has its moments, but I was overall disappointed with the end result. It's still a decent watch none-the-less.

A decent watch. Slow in parts and doesn't have as much horror as I wanted, but worth a watch at least once if you got nothing else to rent.

Posted on January 2, 2011 - 11:00pm | FrighT MasteR