The Burrowers (2008)

April 12, 2012 - 3:35pm | FrighT MasteR
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J. T. Petty
Clancy Brown, Doug Hutchison, William Mapother, Sean Patrick Thomas, Karl Geary, Jocelin Donahue, Laura Leighton

Written and directed by J. T. Petty (Mimic 3: Sentinel ), set in the west, the film has been compared to Tremors due to its similar theme of creatures from underground preying on people, but that's pretty much where the similarities end. Although slow-paced, I enjoyed the flick to an extent. It was interesting and I loved the western setting, as I think more horror flicks should be set during that period. The film plays more on mood and atmosphere rather than action, which will likely turn many people off. I personally found it refreshing, since it wasn't another genre effort relying mostly on the creatures themselves. In fact, we really don't actually see these beasts until maybe around the hour-mark.

So the film revolves around a band of men, who are in search of some missing members of a slaughtered family. Thinking it was done by local Indians, they set their sights on the nearest tribe. However, their real enemy are nocturnal creatures that burrow underground and feed the rotted living human corpses. We learn in the film that these creatures like to paralyze and bury their victims alive, so their blood can harden and organs become much softer, making them more of a treat for these foul beasts.

Like I said above, the film is pretty slow paced, with little action happening now and then throughout the film, until the final showdown towards the end. The creatures come out every-so-often, but we're shown very little of them. I don't really blame them for not showing the creatures much since they were fairly poorly animated at times. Luckily the practical effects were decent, and the film mostly plays off the paranoia and situations the group encounters. Most of the movie is really just about the group moving from one place to the other and trying to survive the night, which did become a bit repetitive after a while.

There's not a whole lot of gore since most of the victims are paralyzed and aren't shown being eaten until much later in the movie. However, there are a few scenes that had a decent amount of blood. The climax was a bit disappointing since most of the movie seemed to offer a great forboding atmosphere, which I hoped would lead to a nice explosive finale. The creatures also could have looked more fierce instead of just plain weird, which was my initial reaction when they were revealed. When the final moments of the movie is shown it'll probably make you question what the point was for the last 10-minutes, because that's exactly how I felt.

A decent straight-to-DVD flick. Although the premise isn't the most original, the execution and setting make it interesting. Slow-paced and relying mostly on mood and a foreboding atmosphere, the film will likely turn a lot of people off. Worth a check if you want something semi-original, but don't expect a whole lot of action.

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