Carriers (2009)

November 23, 2009 - 8:41pm | FrighT MasteR
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Àlex Pastor, David Pastor
Piper Perabo Chris Pine, Emily VanCamp, Lou Taylor Pucci, Christopher Meloni

Carriers turned out to be a nice breath of fresh air in the usual infection sub-genre. Normally we see infected running around in a murderous stupor, but the infected in this flick are simply people suffering from a very contagious and deadly virus, nothing more. This is essentially just a survival road movie that examines the true nature of what the human race is forced to result to in this type of apocalyptic scenario.

The film starts off pretty quickly as the infection has already spread and we're following a group of people driving along an open stretch of road. They eventually reach a road block in the form of a man and his SUV. Forced to stop, the man reveals that he needs gas for his vehicle. Weary of the strange man, and in an attempt to follow the rules the group has created for themselves to stay alive, they race passed him, swerving around his vehicle, but clipping the bottom of their own while going off-road. This begins the chain of events that will seal some of their fates and lead others to their journey to a childhood beach, which they believe will offer the safety and comfort that they desperately need.

I liked this movie. As I said above, it was nice to see an infection flick where our leads aren't trying to avoid getting eating or ripped to shreds. The true enemy here are those that aren't infected and the violence and paranoia that overcomes them when they think someone else has the virus. Of course the movie still falls victim to predictability, but the filmmakers at least tried to capture the realism behind what would likely happen in this scenario.

If you're a fan of post-apocalyptic and infection-type movies then you'll likely enjoy this genre pic, just don't go expecting the infected to eat brains or tear people to pieces.

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