Cellar Dweller (1988)

July 11, 2009 - 3:46am | FrighT MasteR
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John Carl Buechler
Yvonne De Carlo, Debrah Farentino, Brian Robbins, Pamela Bellwood, Cheryl Ann Wilson, Vince Edwards, Jeffrey Combs, Michael Deak

The 80’s were a decade of so many horror films that you'd come across many that you may never even heard of. This was one of those films for me. I thought it odd that I'd never heard of it especially with a genre actor like Jeffrey Combs in it. You may remember Jeffrey as Dr. Herbert West from the ever popular Re-Animator films. Sadly Jeffrey has a hard time escaping his usual scientist/doctor roles. Ironically-enough, even though he doesn't play either in this film, he does manage to wear an over-sized white coat that looks very similar to those worn by either a scientist or a doctor; poor Jeffrey. He has more of a cameo role in the beginning of the film as a comic book artist who meets his demise after he draws up a new creature for a new comic. He uses an old Necronomicon-looking book to give him ideas. The artist soon realizes that the book gives more than ideas as the creature he drew up appears before his eyes.

Fast-forward some years later and we follow a young aspiring female comic book artist, who also happens to be a fan of the deceased character of Jeffrey Combs. She goes to a small art institute that was once the home of the dead artist in hopes of continuing his work or possibly starting her own in vein of his. Naturally she goes to the "forbidden" basement where she begins drawing up a creature that kills off innocent victims for seemingly no apparent reason. Hmm, wonder where the ideas are coming from? Naturally fellow aspiring artists in the home begin disappearing and eventually the creature is born once again to do harm to all those around it.

The movie has little-to-no plot, but it somehow managed to keep me entertained. I suppose it could have had to do with the interesting-looking creature and decent amount of gore. It's no surprise that a low-budget movie like this pulled off such make-up effects behind the creature since director John Carl Buechler went on to do various other effects for genre movies. Although the movie has an incredibly simple plot and it barely makes it past an hour-15-minute-running-time, it does successfully dish out an interesting little cheesy 80's horror tale.

A decent 80's creature flick. Although the plot could have easily been thought up by a 12-year-old, the film somehow maintains a small entertainment factor that's shown throughout the 77-minute running time. Worth a check if you're looking for something a little different.

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