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The Child (1977)

  Tags: 70's, evil child, psychic, Robert Voskanian, the child, undead, walking dead, Zombie Movies

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Robert Voskanian
82 minutes
Laurel Barnett, Rosalie Cole, Frank Janson, Richard Hanners, Ruth Ballan

I knew little about this movie when I first heard about it. It was rather hard to find more info on it for a while, but finally got my hands on the DVD to check it for myself. I heard it had some cool zombie-action goin' on in the movie and I'm keen to zombies so I was all for it. My first initial reaction after viewing the film. This movie had a silly premise, so I should have steered clear, but I had to see what the zombies looked like. The flick is basically about a young girl with special "powers" that enables her to control the undead. You really don't get to see the zombies until towards the end of the movie. I thought they had a somewhat original look to them. They looked like a mixture of a cheap-looking demon/zombie. They moved pretty fast too. Towards the end of the film the main male and female characters trap themselves in this really tiny shed, which they think can hold off the zombies. Silly them.

The acting wasn't too bad and the directing was okay. I was hoping for more gore, but was disappointed with the final result. They don't really explain why the zombies listen to the girl with the powers. In the movie they are apparently her friends and they "like" her or something, because she's the only one not afraid of them. My question is why are they even up and walking around in the first place? Though I guess I can see how it's hard to make friends when you’re the walking dead. The movie kept my interest a little, but I found myself a bit bored through various parts of the film. Too much dialogue and not enough zombie-action. I would have given the movie a lower-rating, but it wasn't that bad. It had its okay zombie moments towards the end. I dunno, maybe I'm gettin' too soft, *shrugs*. Gotta keep my edge.

The DVD had a lot of nice features. I think it even has a free cheesy movie in there somewhere. One of those old black and white ones though. I didn't bother checking it. As for deleted scenes, I couldn't find any.

This is a bit of an unknown zombie movie, and with good reason. It has a silly plot, but okay-looking zombies. Not enough zombies though. Don't bother checking this.

Posted on October 22, 2009 - 10:56pm | FrighT MasteR