Children of the Living Dead (2001)

July 3, 2009 - 8:09pm | FrighT MasteR
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Tor Ramsey
Tom Savini, Marty Schiff, Damien Luvara, A. Barrett Worland, Tom Stoviak

When I first heard about this movie I figured it would be good, but then I started to learn more and more about it and gradually became disappointed. Eventually I just came to the point where I didn't expect much at all and all the negative reviews I read just backed it up even more. I haven't read one positive review for this. Even Tom Savini didn't like the movie, and he was in it! I've heard mention in the past that this was supposedly the unofficial sequel to the Living Dead trilogy and I think that's crap, because this movie is far from the likes of the classic Living Dead films. The plot is silly and so is the concept of a "master zombie".

The only thing I can think of that's positive about the movie is the make-up effects for the zombies weren't too bad and it was cool to see Savini kick some zombie ass in the beginning. The first 15 or so minutes with Savini in it is the only scenes worth watching in the movie. The rest is just boring and the plot moves away from the whole zombie thing and onto some other crap. The beginning had potential, with Savini, and a bunch of rednecks forming groups to hunt down the zombies. It just all fell apart.

The rest of the movie is dull until the last 15 to 20 minutes when there's a huge stand off between the zombies and a bunch of hicks with guns. The choreography was bad and so was the acting. Some of the acting seemed so unrealistic. The lighting was even worse. It seemed like they used a flashlight to shine on the actors faces when they needed more light. I decided to give the movie a 2-rating and nothing less, because some of the zombies didn't look too bad and Savini was a plus, but the rest of the movie was nothing special.

A sad addition to the zombie genre. Had potential from the start, but the silly plot and "master zombie" ruined it all. Not recommended.

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