A Christmas Horror Story (2015)

December 2, 2016 - 6:34pm | Ryan Tutolo

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Steven Hoban, Grant Harvey, Brett Sullivan
George Buza, Rob Archer, Jeff Clarke, Jessica Clement, Zoé De Grand Maison, Amy Forsyth, Ken Hall, Shannon Kook, Debra McCabe, Michelle Nolden, Alex Ozerov, William Shatner

Day 2 of our marathon brings us another Christmas tale.  Let’s crack open the eggnog, throw another yule log on the fire, and toss this nutcracker of a movie into the bluray player. A Christmas Horror Story is an anthology movie where the separate stories are all played randomly throughout the film. A couple of them are connected but really these scenes of the stories are played jumping from one to another, leaving the viewer confused and disjointed.

The first story is basically just William Shatner sitting in a radio station covering the news stories and playing Christmas music while he gets drunk. It’s pretty much the funniest part of the movie and Shatner really hams it up.  I wish more of the movie was focused on this.

Another story focuses around Santa up in the North Pole in the midst of a zombie outbreak where most of the elves are infected and the pudgy red gift giver is armed with his razor sharp staff and left with the task of dispatching the undead fairy-folk. This segment is the most lopsided as it has the biggest positives (effects, twists, and overall fun factor) but also the biggest negatives (settings, acting, and dialog).

Then we have the tale that involves a group of teens investigating a possibly haunted school(?) based off of some found footage taken from a police file. The found footage was pretty interesting, but the rest of the segment is about unlikable teens becoming possessed(?) and trying to have sex with each other. It all revolves around some nun abortion or something and the ghost of the girl killing people.  As one positive, the practical effects in the found footage segment were very nice.  I don’t know, this was the most boring and confusing story...pass!

There are two other stories involving Krampus himself, and a child changeling. These are the only two tales that attempt some kind of character building. Both work well, though the family story with Krampus has the most interesting turns.  The creepy changeling kid is pretty straightforward and has a really lame ending. The best part of that segment was the well done severed hand.

This is a flawed movie that has some positives, but they were not enough to completely save it. There’s certainly worse Christmas horror out there, though there’s also much better. I liked some of the segments and couldn't be bothered with others. It’s worth checking out but don’t get your Christmas hopes up.

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