Clown (2014)

March 17, 2015 - 5:33pm | FrighT MasteR
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Jon Watts
Andy Powers, Elizabeth Whitmere, Christian Distefano, Matthew Stefiuk, Peter Stormare, Laura Allen

It's every upcoming filmmaker's dream to put out a short or concept trailer for a project and have it get enough attention that it actually gets financed and turned into a full length feature. That's pretty much how Clown came about--director Jon Watts created a fake trailer for a movie called Clown and slapped Eli Roth's name on it before posting it on YouTube. Naturally this got the attention of Roth, who actually liked the idea so much that he decided to help finance it. Unfortunately, the trailer is much more interesting than the movie itself.

The story revolves around a real estate agent/father that decides to don an old clown outfit he found in his client's basement after the clown he hired for his son's birthday canceled. After a successful party he tries to take off the costume only to find that it's surprisingly difficult. After a little research the man discovers that it's not an outfit at all, but actual skin from an anicent demon. And it will continue to become a part of him until it's fully transformed. Oh, and did I mention that the only way to be rid of the demon is to feed it five children? Yup.

The story is at least semi-original, which is a rarity in the genre nowadays. Though, you're gonna need more than a good concept to make a halfway decent film. That's the problem with Clown, the idea was there, but the direction the filmmakers took was a poor one. I wanted to like the movie, but the biggest issue I had was the fact that a majority of the film was just the father trying to remove the outfit and dealing with the INCREDIBLY SLOW transformation. That's pretty much the first hour right there. It's not until towards the end that things finally pick up; specifically when the guy makes a trip to good ol' Chuck-E-Cheese! (though in my experience a killer clown would be the least of the problems there)

On the plus side, the clown looked decent and everything was seemingly pulled off with practical effects. There's also some decent blood splatter and gore (mostly towards the end), while the earlier deaths (especially that of kids) are shown off screen. Instead of being the dark drama that it is in the first hour, the transformation should've been much faster resulting in the kids and family having to fend off against the demon sooner. That definitely would've helped the pacing. Meanwhile, give us a bit more gore and actually show some deaths, but that's just my opinion.

Sadly, what started as an interesting concept was executed poorly due to its incredibly slow pace and lack of anything happening until the last bits of the flick. If you're a huge fan of killer clown films then you may wanna give this a look, otherwise don't expect much from this one.

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