Cockneys vs Zombies (2012)

November 14, 2012 - 7:12pm | FrighT MasteR
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Matthias Hoene
Michelle Ryan, Harry Treadaway, Honor Blackman, Jack Doolan, Rasmus Hardiker, Ashley Thomas, Alan Ford

There's never a shortage of zombie flicks, but it's definitely rare to find one that could actually be considered good. Luckily the UK flick Cockneys vs Zombies is such a film, largely thanks to its moderate budget, along with its fun and comedic approach towards the apocalypse, coupled with a nice amount of action and violence.

For those unaware, the term "Cockney" is generally referring to people from the East End of London and that's where the film takes place. The story revolves around a group of broke lowlife criminals (mostly with good intentions though) as they rob a nearby bank, in hopes of using some of the money to save their gramps from losing his old folk's home. Unbeknownst to them, a virus of some sort is spreading throughout the city causing people to die and return as zombies. It's not long before they realize safely making out with the cash is the least of their worries now.

The story obviously isn't the most original, but the leads are interesting and likeable (especially the badass grandfather) and we're given enough going on throughout the film that it keeps you entertained for a majority of its running time. While a comedy, not all of it works or translates well for us American audiences, but its overall comedic tone and pacing makes up for some of the more lacking jokes.

The look of the zombies were simple yet effective, as no two were the same and some standing out more than others. Thankfully we're dealing with the old slow-moving variety instead of the sprinters that we're used to seeing in more modern zombie cinema. There's a good amount of blood and violence and gore if the scene calls for it, but unfortunately it's all mostly of the CG variety.

Regardless, I enjoyed the flick, but felt it would've been a much better pic had its primary focus been just on the elderly people trying to survive, as opposed to the young criminals trying to make their way to them. Here's hoping they move forward with a sequel, especially since the ending was a bit lackluster and open-ended.

Aside from some minor pacing issues here and there (mostly in the early bits of the film), Cockneys vs Zombies is--for the most part--a pretty entertaining ride and probably one of the better zombie flicks to come out recently. If you're looking for a fun zombedy then give this a check.

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