Crepitus (2018)



Bill Moseley can be featured in blistering STD advertisement that can run 1:30 min long and STILL nail it like the villainous pro he is. Thereby, screening Crepitus was the ultimate treat!

Crepitus is a medical term to describe the grating, crackling or popping sounds and sensations experienced under the skin and joints or a crackling sensation due to the presence of air in the subcutaneous tissue. Similar to cracking your knuckles. Makes sense given the creature, Crepitus (Moseley) is exactly that…a gnawing fissuring sound in the darkness beneath the unsettling house in which he dwells.

Welcome to creepy town! Where two sisters displaying carved X’s on their foreheads live and never leave. Teen Eli (Williams) cares for and protects younger sibling, Sam (Brannan) as they exist day-to-day in a dilapidated old house with their violent alcoholic mother (Mauro.) While they search for answers to the troubling sounds and invisible entity that seems to follow Sam within the creaky old abode, Eli unravels the disturbing truth that has blanketed the family for a long time. Components revolving around the disappearance of the father, outbursts that consume their mom and other eerie inklings of nastiness emerge into a torrent of taboo…all pointing to visions of Crepitus.

Is he real?

The plot is strong and significant while pieces of uncomfortable memories harbor Eli’s thoughts, exposing the family of cult-like status to indulge the force that holds them hostage.

While Mauro’s sheer madness is fun to watch escalate with disgusting eating habits and frequent slaps to the girl’s faces, the real hero is obviously Bill Moseley. Crepitus comes to frightening light with each appearance and snarky smirk.

As far as downfalls go, the adorable Sam is pretentious and void of emotion. When faced with life-threatening danger, she shows as much fear as seeing a small spider scamper across the floor. Eli is a bit more seasoned, however she hits the opposite side of the spectrum as an over exaggerated brooding teen wanting to escape without a plan in place.

Crepitus is worth the watch, paying extra special attention to the stars that carry it across to the creepiness it is meant to instill.

Bill Moseley fans will obviously want to check out his latest vicious character: Crepitus. Lurking in the shadows of broken home, Crepitus will creep you out with every creak of the wooden floor boards. Definitely pay attention to Eve Mauro as the mother…her cackling alone will send irking shivers down your spine.