Cut (2000)


This was a fun film to watch. A lot more enjoyable than I thought it'd be and I'd say that it kicks a lot of these recent teen slashers in the nuts. The film starts off with this film crew making a new horror film. The guy that plays the killer in the film gets pissed at the director and ends up killing her off and then getting himself stabbed in the neck by the Molly Ringwald character. Fast forward about 15 years. A young director and her crew want to finish making the film, even though it's supposed to be cursed. They end up getting Molly Ringwald's character to be in the film one more time and before ya know it, the dead bodies start stacking' up.

I thought this film had a cool edge to it, with its mix of humor and nice death scenes. The killer's mask looked damn cool as well. The plot was pretty much done countless times before, but the concept of how the killer came about was somewhat original. What made the killer really cool and above a lot of the other killers is he had a bit more of a personality. That made it a lot more interesting, than the usual strong silent type, that we're all used to. It does lack in the scares department though. I think this film kinda pokes fun at some slashers, kinda like the way Scream did when it first came out. The death scenes were all pretty good. Didn't have any real gore, but all the blood made up for it. It didn't have any pointless nude or sex scenes. It was interesting from start to finish.

The only thing this film didn't have was (like I said before) the scares. Though, I don't think that's what they were going for anyway. If that were the case I'm sure the film would have been a lot worse and stereotyped as just another wasted teen slasher. I personally think this, aside from Cherry Falls, is one of the more influential and better slasher films to come out of the new decade. Say goodbye to all those Scream-wannabes. The acting was okay I suppose, but the directing was pretty well done. I heard this film was meant to be a trilogy, so expect two more sequels after this. I guess that's not all too bad. I wouldn't mind seeing more. Let’s just hope it stays a trilogy and not have another sequel pop up out of nowhere. If the movie had a better ending or more scares or tension, I would have given a higher rating.

A good slasher flick that kicks many other recent teen slashers in the nuts. I definitely recommend this movie.
A good slasher flick that kicks many other recent teen slashers in the nuts. I definitely recommend this movie.