Day of the Dead 2: Contagium (2005)


Wow it takes two people to make this crap? Its been a while since I've seen a zombie movie THIS bad, but thanks to the guys at Taures Entertainment we've got Day of the Dead 2: Craptagium, where the zombies running around isn't the only thing fans are gonna complain about, because this time they laugh, talk, and did I mention bully other zombies? Yup. There is one scene where three zombies bully and taunt a zombie. Now obviously from my comments this has little to do with George Romero or his zombie films. In a way this could be considered a prequel to Romero's Day of the Dead if you want to go by this film to explain the zombie outbreak, but I'd recommend just burning this film from memory and/or real life after viewing it.

In this flick we start off in a military base in the late 60's where a zombie outbreak is in effect after strange vials were recovered from a downed Russian aircraft. Apparently the vials are neither American nor Russian, or even from this planet judging from the looks of'em. When the vials decide to open up, we're treated to a little ball of light that lands on our victims, slowly killing and eventually turn them into zombies. Fast-forward to present day where the base is now a mental hospital, where a group of patients discover a thermos on the ground while on one of their outings. Naturally one of these patients decides to open the thermos revealing one of the strange vials, and eventually contaminating everyone it comes in contact with. It doesn't take long before the whole institution is one big zombie-fest.

This movie got a European DVD release before we did so copies for download and purchase on Ebay came shortly after. Of course Taures Entertainment claimed the European version was edited gore-wise, thus, leading a lot of people to wait for the official US release. I guess for Taures Entertainment "gore" means a lot of dyed corn syrup, because that's all we get with the exception of a couple cheesy scenes. I'd also like to point out the fabulous job with the make-up effects, especially when it came time for the patients to peel off the glue, I mean, "skin" off their face to simulate that they're turning into zombies.

Speaking of the patients, I don't think I've ever seen such a sane bunch of mental patients ever in a movie. I guess to the actors those who occasionally slur their words and hit themselves over the head are mentally unstable. What I found most amusing was the fact that after they turned into zombies they seemed to have gotten smarter. I thought when you're a zombie you essentially lose most of your brain functions? As I stated above, these zombies are livelier than ever; running, jumping, laughing, skipping(?), their way around the hospital.

If it's zombie action you're looking for prepare to wait over an hour, because it doesn't actually take off until the last 25-or-so minutes. The rest of the movie is to show how "crazy" the patients are and listen to them talk and talk and wonder and talk for the rest of the film. There's even a little silly romantic sub-plot thrown in between two patients for good measure. This is not the end of Taures Entertainment's series-destroying, sequel-frenzy, as they've got Creepshow 3 next for release. Hopefully the production value will be slightly higher, but considering it's gonna take these two directors to work on that flick, I wouldn't get my hopes up. Prepare for possibly more crap!

If you like crappy zombie flicks check this out.
If you like crappy zombie flicks check this out.