Dead in 3 Days 2 (2008)

June 23, 2009 - 7:13pm | FrighT MasteR
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Andreas Prochaska
Michou Friesz, Helmuth Häusler, Andreas Kiendl, Martin Loos, Sabrina Reiter, Anna Rot, Philipp Rudig, Susi Stach, Julia Rosa Stöckl, Barbara Weber, Franziska Weisz

This is the sequel to Austria's attempt at a who-done-it-type slasher entitled Dead in 3 Days that came out a few years back, where the mysterious killer sent a text message to a group of friends saying that they will "die in 3 days." In this sequel we follow a survivor from the first film, where a year has passed and she has moved to a new city and attempted to put the horrific events behind her. However, the discovery of the killer's body sparks recent interest among the press and the nightmares begin to haunt the girl once again. The girl eventually becomes convinced that her friend (another survivor of the incident) is in trouble back in her hometown.

Thus, the girl heads back to her old town in search of her friend. Unbeknownst to her, the friend and her family seemed to have moved away from their home, which leads the girl to follow various clues that take her to a small secluded farm in the snowy outskirts of the mountains, where she believes her friend may be held. This is where she encounters a strange mother and her three violent sons that will do anything their mother tells them, especially if it involves taking care of those that like to snoop around the farm...

Aside from the name and a couple characters returning, this movie really has no connection to the first. In fact, this is pretty much an entirely different storyline and to have the heroine go through all this crap again, she must have some piss poor luck! I have to admit that this movie is actually an improvement over its predecessor, but also much like its predecessor, it suffers from clichés and blatant copying other films. In the first flick it ripped off the various teen slashers from the 90's where-as this movie attempts to take cues from films like Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Mother's Day.

However, I did enjoy the first half that played out somewhat like a mystery, but that all obviously changes once she reaches the farm. The movie also showcases some pretty decent violence and gore in scenes. For instance there's one scene involving the girl being forced to give one of the brother's fellatio, and she literally bites off the tip of the dude's penis, and they even show the bitten off nub hanging off the thing; pretty unexpected. Aside from that there's just puddles of blood and each person gets a pretty violent death.

Although an improvement over the first, it's still not much better or different than what genre vets have already seen. The first half plays out like a mystery, while the 2nd is every bit as clichéd and predictable as you'd expect. However, there's a good amount of blood and some pretty violent deaths towards the end. It kept my interest for the most part, which leads me to think that the film wasn't an entirely bad watch. Check it at your own risk.

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