Dead Dudes in the House (1989)


I heard talk about how gory this film was before seeing it. There actually wasn't much gore in it, which surprised me because I was expecting a lot since it was a Troma film, which are known for their ballsy gore flicks. Oh well, at least the killer granny was pretty sweet.

The movie starts off with a group of teens visiting an old house that they recently bought. They decide to fix the place up, but didn't expect the previous owner to still be there. The group gets locked in the house and eventually begin dying one by one. What I really enjoyed about the movie was the fact that the killer was some old lady (previous owner). You don't see a slasher flick where the killer is some whacked-out old lady, that's for sure. The film wasn't scary, but it did have some kind of creepy moments that were brought on by the old lady. She was creepy all on her own, but to see her with a knife standing behind someone was even creepier.

Anyway, the acting was okay, but you can't expect much from a low-budget film. Which also brings me to my next point - the effects weren't bad. There were some good gore scenes and lots of blood. What also made the film interesting was the fact that whomever the old lady killed ended up undead. That adds even more to the problem. There were some scenes that I thought were not needed, like when they spent four minutes trying to open a friggin' door. That was rather pointless. The setting was nice and it was all pretty much taken place in the house; though, the film was rather predictable.

I was originally going to give the film a 5-rating, but after remembering how I sort of enjoyed the film, I decided to go with a 6-rating. It had its high points and some low ones as well. The low ones were mainly because of the wasted scenes and the bad acting. Other than that it wasn't a bad film.

Not a bad low-budget film. The killer granny was creepy and cool. Check this film out if you can.
Not a bad low-budget film. The killer granny was creepy and cool. Check this film out if you can.