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Dead Inn (1997)

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Jim Goodman
92 minutes
Todd Kimsey, Edger Allan Poe IV, Mark Miller, Kerstin Steinbach

Damnit, I knew this movie was gonna suck! I just had to rent the blasted thing anyway. This film's packed full of bad acting, crappy effects, stupid humor, and a dumb plot. They even make a bad attempt at ripping off Evil Dead. I mean, if you're gonna rip off a movie at least do it right. How dumb can this movie get? Well apparently pretty dumb. There's nothing scary about this film at all -- it's just stupid. The guns the convicts used were so obviously fake that it made me laugh every time I saw them used. I just couldn't wait for everything to end.

The story basically starts off with a clumsy delivery boy doing his job by delivering items for a morgue. He meets a girl and decides to stay for one reason or another and he ends up held captive by a bunch of idiotic prisoners. You can tell that the film makers really tried to make this movie fun, but failed to do so. What makes this film really stupid is the fact that the victims came back to life by some magic white powder that gets sprinkled on the dead persons face and they somehow get resurrected. What the hell is that about? Bah!

This is just another one of your low-budget crappy horror films that should never have been made. Avoid at all costs!

Posted on July 6, 2009 - 4:51am | FrighT MasteR