Dead Meat (2004)

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Fango once again releases another low-budget direct-to-video feature. Normally the films they release are pure crap, but somehow this one isn't. You'd think that a horror mag that has been around for over 3 decades would know what to release, but up until now their films have mostly been horrible. Hopefully with this movie they're finally learning, because it's not half bad. This Irish horror comedy brings to the zombie genre some new and interesting ideas, like the fact that zombies sleep (while standing), and we're introduced to the first ever (I think?) zombie cows!

The film gets straight to the point from the beginning. It basically follows a young heroine as she makes her way through the countryside (finding allies along the way) and trying to just survive the night. You see the locals have been infected by the local meat. Apparently a farmer fed his cattle bad meat, which leads them to become infected. Once the people ate the cattle they then got the infection, which spread from there, turning everyone into mindless zombies. The movie brings something a lot of other low-budget DTV zombie flicks in the US try to, and that's a smart and interesting look at a tired sub-genre. Although it's obvious the budget is low, you don't really notice thanks to the fact that the movie really doesn't let up on the action, and we're given eyefuls of gore towards the end.

The only problem I really had with the movie was one of the characters we meet up with half-way, who has such a thick accent that I was forced to put on the subtitles to understand what the hell he was saying. Even then half of what he was saying didn't even make sense; as if he was just mashing a bunch of words together in hopes of somehow creating a sentence. Otherwise, I enjoyed this.

A surprisingly decent direct-to-video zombie flick coming from the folks at Fango. Worth a check.
A surprisingly decent direct-to-video zombie flick coming from the folks at Fango. Worth a check.