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Death Warmed Up (1985)

  Tags: 80's, David Blyth, David Letch, Death Warmed Up, Gary Day, island, Michael Hurst Margaret Umbers, Norelle Scott, scientist, villagers, William Upjohn

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David Blyth
78 minutes
Michael Hurst Margaret Umbers, William Upjohn, Norelle Scott, David Letch, Gary Day

I heard a little about this movie on my message board, which got me interested in checking it. I finally got a hold of it and watched it after keeping it in my room for so long. This is a confusing flick at times, but it's still pretty decent. The story is about a kid who is brainwashed by some scientist to kill his parents for one reason or another. After killing them he is sent to a mental institution, where he spends most of his years there. Once he's released he goes on with his life until him and his friends decide to go to the old island where he used to live, only to discover the scientist is up to his old tricks. Now they have to fend off against the brainwashed villagers and the crazy people in the hospital.

This movie is pretty confusing at times. I don't even think they properly explained why that whacked out scientist was doing what he was doing. Then again, maybe they did and I just missed it. Hmm... The movie is slow, but interesting for the first half or so. It picks up towards the end when they have to fight off against all the crazy people the scientist brainwashed. The people reminded me of zombies because they attacked in groups and looked all messed up. Made me wanna watch a good zombie flick. Too bad I don't have any to watch. *sigh*

The directing is decent, from the same guy that brought us The Horror Show, and sadly... The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. The script could have used a little more work, especially since there were a lot of plot-holes. In the end it was a pretty decent watch. Not much for gore, but it was interesting, and a couple scenes reminded me of The Road Warrior for some reason. It must have been the way some of the guys looked and the car-chase scene or something. I would have given the movie a lower-rating, but I was really digging what was happening towards the end.

A decent watch, but rather confusing at times. A bit slow, but interesting. It doesn't really pick up until towards the end.

Posted on February 5, 2010 - 11:04am | FrighT MasteR