Demonic Toys 2 (2010)

February 27, 2010 - 1:43pm | FrighT MasteR
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William Butler
Selene Luna, Lane Compton, Alli Kinzel, Elizabeth Bell, William Marquart, Michael Citrini, Leslie Jordan

It was only a matter of time before producer Charles Band decided to revisit old successful franchises again and thus we have the sequel to the cheesy 1992 B-horror flick Demonic Toys. Ignoring the previous installments -- Dollman vs Demonic Toys and the horrendous Puppet Master vs Demonic Toys -- this is a direct sequel to the original and pretty much what we've come to expect from production company Full Moon now-a-days. The movie is written and directed by William Butler, whose no stranger to the genre having served with FX for decades and taking a crack and writing with the last two ROTLD films and directing Madhouse and Furnace. Sadly, serving the genre for so long doesn't exactly mean they'll deliver a worthy addition to it.

The story takes place sometime after the events of the first film, as we follows oddities collector Dr. Lorca (migrating from the other Full Moon pic Hideous!), who travels to an old Italian castle to purchase a newly-found doll that supposedly moves on its own. Accompanied by a psychic, a few other people, and a crate with a couple of the reassembled demonic toys, the group ventures into the castle, which is said to have a history of witchcraft and murder. We're soon introduced to the new doll "Divoletto", which upon tapping at the box that it's confined it, somehow causes it to move around without someone to control it. It doesn't take long before Divoletto gets its lil' hands on the remaining demonic toys -- Baby Whoopsie and Jack Attack and causes them to reanimate once again.

Being a fan of the original film, I was excited to see the devilish dolls back in action and this time not having anything to do with the SyFy channel. Of course, I didn't actually expect the movie to be any good, considering Full Moon's track record now-a-days, but I was hoping to at least be entertained. Regretfully I didn't get much of that either. I can look passed the tired premise, plot holes, missing dolls, horrible acting and uninteresting characters, but the atrocious CGI is something that just can't be easily ignored, especially when all the kills have an abundance of fake-look CG blood to accompany it.

When it comes to low-budget cheesefests such as this, the only thing they can really rely on are the deaths and/or gore. If it's poorly done then there's not a whole lot else to keep you watching. In fact, had these not been the demonic toys that I loved growing up, I probably would have turned this crap off in the first 10-minutes. The kills themselves are very few and far between, as we're only given two by the time it hits the hour mark, leaving only poor attempts at character development and story  to consume the rest of the scenes. To make matters worse, the new doll Divoletto was entirely pointless the entire time. Aside from resurrecting the demonic toys, the only other thing he did was assist Baby Whoopsie in killing someone.

On a positive note, it was nice to see them actually shooting on-location for a change and not just on a set. In fact, I believe the castle used in the movie is the very same that once housed Radu from the underrated Subspecies films. It's clear here that they were lookin' to add a little nostalgia and maybe please fans of the previous film, but much of what made the first movie so fun and entertaining seems to have been lost over the years, and we're merely given another pointless sequel and cash-in attempt in the genre.

As I said before, the film is what one would come to expect from Full Moon now-a-days -- a tired premise, uninteresting characters, bad acting, poor body count, and overuse of horrible CGI. Baby Whoopsie and Jack Attack weren't as menacing as they once were, and the new doll was completely pointless, much like the movie itself. Unless you're a die-hard Demonic Toys fan, I'd recommend skipping this one.

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