Dis (2019)



Approximately 20 minutes into the hour long DIS, and there is no dialogue whatsoever. Beautifully scored and filmed, that is the extent of this primitive horror film brought to us by the unwavering Unearthed Films.

Although I will catch extreme heat for this, DIS is a slow burn that never truly ignites. It begins promisingly with a naked woman chained up in a filthy abandoned structure in the woods where a masked ax-wielding killer initiates a masturbatory scene in order to collect bodily fluids. Uncomfortable and sickening, the scene is engaging as we ponder what is to follow.

Bill Oberst Jr. is solid as an ex-soldier, roaming through the dark and dreary woodlands, hunting for food and solace. He comes across the deserted building where the naked woman was violated and is mesmerized by what appears to be a costumed figure from afar.

Following the vision, Oberst is now entranced into an ethereal world stylized like a Marian Dora film raising the question: what is real and what is sheer illusion?

Greeted by the same sharply-dressed killer, Oberst is locked up, confused and eventually drugged for his…man juice.

This is a figuratively confusing mind-fuck of a film. The lack of dialogue, muddied motivation for collecting specimens and foggy perspective of the entire plotline left me completely perplexed.

In the fashion of Jacob’s Ladder, all elements try to collide amongst a pure and enlightened environment, only to leave the audience lost in the shallow woods behind.

Oberst continues to be mesmerizing as his talent shines through. He’s a broken man. He’s an inquisitive man. And he has a dark past which unfortunately never truly comes to light.

Left with many unanswered questions, I cling to the cerebral notation that this semblance of being hunted for the creation of a new species can only exist within the murky mentality of a beaten down combatant.

“I feel dissed. Dismayed, disillusioned….disposable.” –Swimming With Sharks I can concur, as I simply did not fully understand DIS or its rationale. One can only presume that the entire experience was initiated within the mind of a distraught man, in search of isolation. In conclusion…skip DIS.