Don't Knock Twice (2016)

January 28, 2017 - 8:10pm | FrighT MasteR

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Caradog James
Katee Sackhoff, Lucy Boynton, Nick Moran, Javier Botet

Described as "Candyman meets The Ring," Don't Knock Twice is the latest VOD horror yarn that borrows from past films and urban legends in an attempt to showcase how creepy character actor Javier Botet can continue to be. Seriously though, having starred in films like [Rec], Mama, and a short stint in The Conjuring 2 as "The Crooked Man," he's THE guy to go to when filmmakers need a terrifying elongated ghost or creature. In this movie he plays a menacing demon that hunts down our leads after the daughter decides to knock on the door of some dilapidated home.

According to legend, an old witch used to live in the home and would kidnap the neighborhood children. Now, it's said that if you knock on her door she'll come for you. Naturally a couple teens decide to do just that, resulting in one to go missing (AKA dead) while the other goes to her estranged artsy mother's vintage mansion hoping that a change of locale will somehow keep her safe (since when are mansions ever safe in movies!?). Obviously a location change isn't going to stop a stubborn demon, as it follows the girl and even starts playing tricks on the mother (played by Katee Sackhoff) as well. The mother-daughter duo must discover the truth behind the supposed witch, with hopes that the history will somehow aid them in stopping the demon before it gets its elongated hands on them.

The Bye Bye Man is another recent horror entry that modified an urban legend and this isn't much different, as it boasts some decent production values and antagonist, but with a really mediocre story. The only real standout would be Javier Botet as the demon that haunts the women. He pretty much dominates each scene he's in, despite being on screen very little. Sometimes all you need is a little shadowy silhouette in the background to get your skin crawling, and the movie succeeds in that respect, along with a couple solid creepy scenes in this otherwise standard horror tale.

Next to the demon, the mother and daughter have an interesting relationship that attempts to give the movie a bit more drama and character depth than we normally would in a film like this. It's not a bad dynamic and both female leads do a pretty good job displaying their talents, however, the script itself could've used a bit more work. This is especially the case towards the end when it tries to throw some curveballs into the plot, but it's nothing we couldn't already guess early on. Regardless, the pacing isn't bad (it pretty much starts with them knocking at the door), there are some creepy scenes, the production values were above average and so were the performances.

Aside from successfully delivering a couple creepy scenes, Don't Knock Twice is a pretty standard horror flick, specifically storywise, where it doesn't really give us anything we haven't heard of or seen before. Even its attempts at last minute twists proved nothing new. Despite that, the pacing is solid, along with the performances and production values, resulting in an overall decent watch.

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