E-Demon (2018)



Sometimes the most simplistic plot is the best plot. Thus is the case for E-Demon, a found footage online film that sucks you in immediately.

Four college friends (Kendra, Dwayne, AJ and Mar) continue their long friendship by web-camming on a regular basis to share new life events, changes in residence, family dynamics and just the day-to-day norm. They enjoy roasting each other and pulling incessant “freak outs” – horror-filled pranks which have consisted of ripped appendages, death scenes and bloody carnage.

What begins as the typical catch-up chat soon spirals out of control when Mar introduces the college buds to his “Gamma” who delivers a suspicious warning, concerning an old trunk in the attic of the family home.

In “The Evil Dead” fashion, of course the trunk is opened and then…almost instantly, the slaughters begin. Given the group’s reputation for extreme pranks (including several in the beginning of this webcam session), no one knows what is real and what is hoaxed. By the time the friends figure out they unleashed an evil maleficent force, this demon has occupied several souls at once while chanting in latin, sacrificing loved ones and even murderous knife-wielding children!

E-Demon is such a fun little film! With the unpredictable character turns, the dread lurking around and behind each of the chums online, and egging on the pranks…there is absolutely no way to determine who is possessed and ready to pounce.

Through their determination to uncover the source of black witchcraft that has come over themselves and their families, a quick introduction to the bigger picture unfolds – the devil’s intention to dominate the earth. What a frightening thought!  Society went from the zombie apocalypse to simple possession and it’s not difficult to accept once you watch this realistic found footage film. If you enjoyed Unfriended, then you will LOVE E-Demon!

I find realistic horror films to be the most ultimately terrifying. Thereby, indie found footage films usually deliver the scares more often than big blockbuster horror. E-Demon serves up fear through little special effects and very authentic panic. Although the characters do convey an aptitude of smugness, that is soon lost while scrambling to help each other fight off evil forces through a video chat. E-Demon is a pleasant surprise to the simple horror film fan.