Evil Aliens (2005)

September 4, 2010 - 5:26pm | FrighT MasteR
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Jake West
Christopher Adamson, Emily Booth, Sam Butler, Jennifer Evans, Mark Richard Hayes, James Heathcote, Jamie Honeybourne, Norman Lovett, Peter O'Connor, Dan Palmer

UK director Jake West made his feature film debut with the low-budget vampire flick Razor Blade Smile, which was distributed on video here in the US back in the late 90s. The film was a pretty decent effort from a fairly unknown director, and it showed that the man had potential to do something better with a bigger budget. After delivering a slew of short films DVD, Jake returns with a slightly bigger-budgeted sci-fi horror comedy entitled Evil Aliens.

Taking the usual alien takeover to new low-budget levels of blood, gore, and mayhem, Jake tops his previous efforts by delivering a highly entertaining no-brainer splatter-fest. The story follows a cable TV news crew on their way to a remote farming island on the coast of Welsh to investigate an alien abduction story involving a woman who’s now supposedly pregnant because of it. Concluding that the story is fabricated, the crew decides to reenact the events for the audience, only to discover that the aliens are indeed real and very, very hostile.

Full of interesting and unique characters, the film never lets up on entertainment and even packs in a number of creative and gory deaths. A more memorable scene would have to involve a combine harvester as it mows down numerous aliens running across a field. When it came down to the special effects the CGI sequences were pretty decent for a low-budget flick. It just shows that director Jake West can work with any kind of budget that's given to him, much like what other greats of the genre once did, I.E. Peter Jackson & Sam Raimi.

Though, not as gory as the early films of Jackson and Raimi, but it stills holds it own in the gore department. This is the type of movie that doesn't take itself seriously and its only goal is to simply entertain the viewers, with either the humor, gore, or just the interesting characters.

This is low-budget filming at its finest; filled with blood, guts, laughter, and fun characters, this movie should please genre fans that are lookin' for a no-brainer flick that brings back a fun splatter-fest that was introduced to us by the likes of Sam Raimi and Peter Jackson.

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