Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn (1987)


Six years after the success of the first film, Sam Raimi returns with a bigger wallet (thanks to more investors) in the sequel to the infamous Evil Dead. Upon first viewing one would think that the story doesn't make sense since the central character "Ash" returns to the cabin with his girlfriend unknowing of the events in the first. It's as if the first film never happened. Well apparently Sam couldn't get the rights to the original, so since he couldn't recap the intro he ended up having to shoot a new beginning the way it was originally intended. Thanks to more know-how and a bigger budget, Sam was finally able to achieve what he set out for. Thus fans are left scratching their heads as to whether the film is a remake or a sequel. I personally consider it to be both (if that's even possible). Regardless it's still my favorite of the trilogy and with good reason.

In this film the once-cowardly Ash of the first film is now a wise-crackin' hero with a badass chainsaw to replace his hand (which he cut off due to it being possessed) and a double-barrel shotgun in the other. The deadites don't stand a chance now. We're also introduced to a more comedic tone to the film, compared to the more serious tone of the first. So let’s brush over the story this time 'round. Unlike the first movie, it starts off with only two characters -- Ash and his girlfriend. The movie really kicks into gear very early on, as within the first 15 minutes the girlfriend dies; re-animates; and Ash attempts to flee from the demonic spirits that chases him around the woods and cabin. Of course we're introduced to four other characters later on that also attempt to fend off against the deadites.

So in the first movie the group finds a tape with a Professor talking about the Necronomicon, who reads a couple incantations despite earlier saying how it would re-animate the dead (according to legend of course). So how do they get released in this film? Well Ash discovers an old tape recorder laying about and plays it (shocker!), which naturally has the same professor-type reading passages from the book and then uh-oh (again). You really can't go wrong here, with its gallons of blood, silly humor, badass hero, and gore-galore. Evil Dead 2 definitely ranks high among horror fans lists (mine included).

A brainless fun ride from start to finish. Another MUST if you're a horror fan.
A brainless fun ride from start to finish. Another MUST if you're a horror fan.