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The Eye 2 (2004)

  Tags: Asian Horror, Danny Pang, Eugenia Yuan, ghosts, hong kong, Jesdaporn Pholdee, Oxide Pang, pang brothers, Qi Shu, spirits, the eye

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Oxide Pang, Danny Pang
95 minutes
Eugenia Yuan, Qi Shu , Jesdaporn Pholdee

Well the Pang Brothers are at it again! I guess the success of the first movie got to them and they decided to cash in on the success by making a sequel. Of course there was no way they could continue to the story of the blind woman, so they made a totally different movie with no connection to its predecessor. So does it top the original? Not at the slightest. Sure the movie manages to stay entertaining, but a lot of the spark and originality that the first had was washed away with this film.

The story follows a young woman who attempts suicide by taking a large number of pills, but she obviously fails to kill herself and is taken to a hospital. Immediately following her suicide attempt, she starts having strange visions, which she learns of the spirits of the deceased. To top it off, she begins throwing up in numerous occasions. Eventually she seeks the aid of a medicine man, who believes her to be in the early stages of pregnancy. She goes to her gynecologist, whom verifies it and soon-after more visions occur. Could there be a connection with her pregnancy and the spirits?...

There were times when I felt this movie was trying to be like its originator, because there were a couple scenes that reminded me a little of the first. Hell, they even had another elevator scene, but with a twist to it. This movie could have been fairly decent on its own, but baring the name "The Eye" in the title, we expect to get some quality stuff. At least I was since I really loved the first movie. Of course I knew not to get too hyped up over the flick after reading some fairly negative reviews. The Pang Bros. really attempted to set out and make another successful ghost flick, but they failed by using cheap tricks and some of the same scares with small twists added in. I never once got creeped out or scared in any sequences, unlike the first which had somewhat creepy moments.

An interesting change in this film compared to the original would be the fact that it focused squarely on the spirits that were already dead, unlike the first that was mainly focused on new spirits or those who are going to die. Speaking of the spirits -- I felt the ones in this film weren't as creative or unique as the ones in the first. In the original each spirit seemed to have its own thing, while the ones in this movie just seemed like normal spirits. Of course we learn more about them towards the end, when the pieces start coming together. Sadly the story and reasoning behind all this isn't as clever as the first.

So how does star Qi Shu hold up as the lead? She's beautiful and talented as always, but she didn't have the charm and character that the first chick had. It was obvious to me that by adding a known Hong Kong actress for the lead, the Bros were hoping to get more people to like the film. Despite all this I haven't given up on the Pang Bros. just yet. I still feel that the guys got some more stuff up their sleeve, but I'm seriously hoping they don't go for another sequel. I'm quite certain they wont, but you never know now-a-days. In the end I felt this sequel didn't live up to the original in terms of story, characters, or scares. It was too focused on the lead and didn't really expand much on other ghosts or characters, and when it did it seemed too late.

A failed sequel to a great horror flick from Hong Kong. Although it does have its moments, it doesn't compare to the originality and creativity of the first. Worth a check if you're a fan of the first movie, but not recommended otherwise.

Posted on November 20, 2009 - 2:45am | FrighT MasteR