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January 23, 2011 - 9:56pm | FrighT MasteR
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Johannes Roberts
David Schofield, Eliza Bennett, Emma Cleasby, Ruth Gemmell, Juliet Aubrey, Finlay Robertson

It's been a while since I last saw a decent slasher in a school setting and I was hoping F would finally turn things around. Unfortunately, due to a series of huge holes within the story, a lack of motivation behind the killings, and the incredibly abrupt and anti-climatic ending, the film falls flat, throwing any sort of potential it had from the start out the window.

The movie starts off with a no-nonsense teacher named Robert Anderson, who gets assaulted by a student after humiliating him in front of the class. The student gets off essentially with a simple slap on the wrist, while the teacher gets an extended leave from the school. Some time passes and the once hard-headed teacher is now a fraction of what he once was -- an alcoholic, who's scared of his own students.

Following Robert's return to teaching, he finds himself staying after school hours to look after his daughter, whom he sent to detention. Unbeknownst to Robert and the remaining staff and teachers within the premises, a group of mysterious and agile hooded kids have decided to use that particular night to kill off any adult or authority figure they come across on school property.

As I hinted at early on, the film started off fairly interesting and showed some potential. I'm keen on school slashers, so I went in with an open mind. Sadly, as the flick went on, I realized just how poor the script was and started noticing the overuse of all the standard clichés and stereotypes we normally see in the genre. From the ridiculous and overused investigation of a strange noise, to the uninspiring and tedious pop-up scares.

Then, as if the filmmakers simply ran out of ideas or money, the movie abruptly ends, giving us no proper conclusion or answers to the events that lead to that point. As a viewer I felt cheated; feeling as if I wasted over an hour of my time on the movie (it's a short movie if you don't count the credits), getting no real motivation behind the killings and leaving things entirely too ambiguous. Now, normally I don't mind coming up with my own conclusions, but this is definitely not the type of flick to be leaving things so open-ended, especially with so little to go on to begin with.

Although the film does have its share of flaws, there were aspects I did like. The hooded kids for instance, were creepy at times, namely because the inside of the hoods, where you'd normally see a face is completely black, giving them a somewhat sinister, otherworldly impression. However, their quiet ninja-like maneuvering and constant crawling on top of lockers and shelving units and what-not made them a little silly, in my opinion.

The kills weren't anything special, and normally held off-screen or through a window or silhouette, but there were a couple great make-up effects of victims after they were attacked. Had the deaths been mostly on-camera and there was more gore or practical effects, I'm sure it would have been a much more enjoyable film, but regardless, we'd still be left with the ridiculously anti-climatic ending.

F started off with some potential, but quickly began a downward spiral, with the numerous holes in the script, the overuse of the standard horror movie clichés, and the horrible and abrupt ending, which hurt the film the most, in my opinion. Don't bother watching unless you like movies with very little story and an anti-climatic ending.

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