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The Falling (1987)

  Tags: 80's, Alien, Alien Predator, Alien Predators, aliens, cheesy, Christina Augustin, creature, Dennis Christopher, Deran Sarafian, infection, J.O. Bosso, Luis Prendes, Lynn-Holly Johnson, Martin Hewitt, sci fi, sci-fi, scientists, small town, The Falling, Yolanda Palomo, Yousaf Bokhari

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Deran Sarafian
90 minutes
Dennis Christopher, Martin Hewitt, Lynn-Holly Johnson, Luis Prendes, J.O. Bosso, Yousaf Bokhari, Yolanda Palomo, Christina Augustin

Also known as Alien Predator, you can find this cheese under The Falling on Netflix (which is where I saw it). I read the premise for this flick and thought it sounded promising and was surprised I hadn't heard of or seen this until now. Now, having watched it I can see why this was the first I've heard of it, as it's nothing short of convoluted 80's trash, but damnit, if I still didn't find it completely awful. In fact, the awful factor was the only thing that actually kept me watching.

So the story focuses on a few friends, as they drive through the outskirts of Spain in an RV and run into a little vehicle trouble (what a surprise) near a strange and seemingly deserted old town. After a couple odd encounters with an evil truck(??) and a and crazy red-haired waitress, they come to the conclusion that things aren't alright in the town. Their suspicions are confirmed when they come across a NASA Scientist (yeah right), who reveals that a space station that carried a malevolent alien organism crashed nearby and it's keen to taking over human hosts and turning them into violent psychopaths.

This a flick that had a lot of potential into being something highly entertaining, but unfortunately the execution and route the filmmakers decided to take (whether it was due to budget restraints or not) were horrible, and we're left with a wasted effort. For starters, we barely see ANYTHING from this alien creature. Supposedly it turns the human hosts into psychotic killers or something along those lines, but we never see it. Instead, all we witness are a few scenes involving mysterious vehicles trying to run people over and a couple off-screen close encounters with the creature.

It's not until towards the end that we actually see this alien threat after it explodes out of some dude's head, providing an adequate gore effect. I just wished we had more of what occurred towards the end during the rest of the film, because it would've been a pretty fun and gory 80's ride. Especially considering the practical effects really weren't all that bad.

The Falling is a cheesy 80's flick that would've been a fun ride had the filmmakers not been so scared to show more action on-screen. The "alien predator" isn't much of a menace until the very end, while a couple evil vehicles and boring strange encounters with the townspeople provide the remaining threat for our characters. Unless you're with a group of friends that offer amusing commentary during terrible movies, I'd advise skipping this.

Posted on October 26, 2011 - 7:27pm | FrighT MasteR