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The Fog (2005)

  Tags: Adrian Hough, Cole Heppell, DeRay Davis, Kenneth Welsh, Maggie Grace, remake, Rupert Wainwright, Sara Botsford, Selma Blair, The Fog, Tom Welling

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Rupert Wainwright
100 minutes
Tom Welling, Maggie Grace, Selma Blair, DeRay Davis, Kenneth Welsh, Adrian Hough, Sara Botsford, Cole Heppell

Once again Hollywood has decided to chew out another pointless remake; throwing together a cast of WB-type young faces, and slapping a PG-13 rating, with hope of cashing in at the box office with impressionable young viewers. Of course, regardless of how immature the viewers may or may not be, they decided to ultimately skip out on the chance to see the young Superman (Tom Welling) and a brief close-up shot of the beautiful Maggie Grace's ass in a pair of panties on the big screen, as the box office numbers were less than amazing -- coming in at around $11-million with its $18-million budget.

Regardless, the film eventually made its money back after the rest of its theatrical run, but whether Hollywood was expecting a cash-in success or not will remain to be seen. Either way, the original movie wasn't all that great to begin with, so when word of a remake was mentioned, many (including myself) had high hopes that perhaps they'll get it right this-time 'round. Oh how we were wrong.

I can't say I remember a whole lot of the original, but I do know the story-line has been changed dramatically, and that's not the only thing. It seems that they decided to make the fog itself more of a character rather than the undead pirates within the fog like the original. Also, this remake delivers absolutely no atmosphere and a lot of computer generated eye-candy, especially when it came down to killing off some of the townspeople since most of'em died by just getting caught on fire.

The only thing that stayed the same was the theme of the mysterious fog taking over and trapping residents in the small town; slowly picking them off one-by-one in their thirst for some sort of revenge. And just when you thought the script couldn't get any worse, they throw this horrible ending that seemed to come straight out of nowhere -- what a waste. Had the film stayed a little more true to the original then maybe we could have had a decent flick on our hands, but instead we get this dribble called a horror film.

A pointless remake that offers zero scares and less Maggie Grace than I would have liked. Stick to the original.

Posted on September 29, 2011 - 8:47pm | FrighT MasteR