The Forest (1983)


When I slipped this film into the VCR, I knew that it wasn't gonna be very good and apparently I was right. The plot was a little original with the couples going to the woods and meeting up with this crazy cannibal. It was a little original because of the small sub-plot that was added into the film dealing with his kids and his wife. The story goes where two couples decide to go on a camping trip to spend some time out of the noisy city. The guys go after the ladies and are supposed to meet them at the camp site in the forest. When the girls reach the site they end up crossing paths with a crazy-redneck cannibal who lurks in the forest.

The sub-plot is the reason why the crazy guy became what he is. He finds his wife sleeping with a repair man so he kills her. He ends up taking his children with him and lives in the forest. The kids get sick and depressed so they kill themselves. Now the spirits of the children and the wife haunt the forest. That does sound a bit cool, but the ghosts really didn't do much for the film. I thought that they'd be there to scare the audience, but instead they helped the victims in the film. The ghost of the mother was pulled off well though, showing up now and then at night asking for her children. Those scenes were somewhat creepy.

The thing I really didn't like about the film is the fact that it seemed more of a kid’s film than a horror flick. I say that because of the good-hearted ghosts and the lame happy music that's played in the dumbest scenes. The only thing that separates this from a kids flick is the cannibalism and the killing. Bah to that. Anyway, the directing was lame and the acting was okay I guess. There wasn't any gore, sadly. Especially since the guy is supposed to eat humans, you'd expect some gut-eating or something, but nope. I would have given this movie a lower rating, but I thought it was kind of interesting to watch and the twist with the ghosts in the forest weren't bad I guess.

To me this was more of a kids flick than a horror film. Could have had a lot more to it. Not recommended.
To me this was more of a kids flick than a horror film. Could have had a lot more to it. Not recommended.