Frankenhooker (1990)


I've heard a lot of mixed stuff on this flick, but it seemed like a majority of horror fans seem to like it. I decided to give it a check and actually enjoyed it myself. The movie had an excellent blend of humor and "horror" and I personally thought it was one of the best horror/comedies I've seen in a while. Aside from the indie flick Freak Out of course.

The story for this flick follows a crazy young medical school dropout, who likes to practice his experiments in the kitchen and garage of the suburban family home. On the day of his girlfriend's birthday party, she's given a lawnmower, which accidently ends up running over her (bloody scene). Determined to bring her back, and using his knowledge of past experiments, he sets forth to find the perfect body to put together for his soon-to-be-revived girlfriend. He comes up with the idea of going to the city and finding the right hooker.

Throwing around a lot of cash, he gets the attention of a group of hookers, which he brings up to a nearby motel. With his choice of picking the right one, he fails to decide, which leads the hookers to become impatient (they are unaware of his true intentions) and dig through his bag, where they find a huge-ass white rock, which they believe to be crack (the rock is actually something the guy created himself to kill the winning hooker -- it makes a living organism explode). Before the guy can stop the crack-hungry hookers to stop from smoking the rock, they all explode (excellent gory and funny). Now he's forced to gather the remains of whatever body parts he can find and bring them back to his "lab". He finally puts the parts together and does what he set forth to do, but the experiment takes a drastic turn when the "frankenhooker" gets loose and heads back to the city.

This movie is directed by Frank Henenlotter, who you may remember from the Basketcase movies and a late 80's flick called Brain Damage. The guy really likes to mix horror and comedy together, because all his movies had at least a little comedy in'em and this was obviously no exception. I really dug this movie, because of all the good cheesy comedy and sweet gore, and speaking of gore, the movie was loaded with it, which really surprised me and gave it an A+ in my book. Also if you've seen his previous films, you'll notice the "Casey" character in here. Actress Beverly Bonner has played that character in most of his movies.

In this end this is just a fun no-brainer movie to watch with a group of friends. It's got lots of nudity, gore, comedy, and a Frankenhooker, who doesn't look half bad . You might be able to find this movie on DVD if you're lucky, because I don't think it's being printed anymore, so it's actually pretty rare to get a hold of. Who knows, maybe your local video store might carry it for rent.

A good cheesy horror comedy from director Frank Henenlotter. Lots of gore, and lots of fun. Check this baby out.
A good cheesy horror comedy from director Frank Henenlotter. Lots of gore, and lots of fun. Check this baby out.