Fright Night 2: New Blood (2013)

October 20, 2013 - 8:10pm | FrighT MasteR
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Eduardo Rodriguez
Jaime Murray, Chris Waller, Will Payne, Sean Power, Sacha Parkinson

The Fright Night remake hit theaters in 2011 and to my surprise turned out entertaining. I know a lot of fans were mixed or hated it, but I personally had fun with it and it was nice to see a mainstream vampire film depicting vampires actually being vampires and not spending their time looking sad and glittery. Now, two years later Fox (in their attempt to cash-in on the moderate success of the remake) decided to "reboot" the film and call it a sequel. Thus, we have Fright Night 2: New Blood--a pointless movie that only connects to its remake predecessor in name alone.

We follow a completely different (along with the rest of the cast) Charlie Brewster, who tags along with several other students for a special school-related course in Romania. Along for the ride are Charlie's annoying friend "Evil" Ed and Charlie's ex-GF Amy, whom he still has feelings for. During their first night Charlie spots a young woman in the adjacent building making out with another woman (yes!) before biting her neck. Turns out that it's their new College professor (and now very female) Gerri Dandridge.

It's not long before Charlie decides to do some amateur investigative work and creeps into Gerri's apartment, which somehow has a secret passage into an old crypt where Charlie spots some things that cannot be unseen (*shivers*). Charlie seeks aid from friends and warns them of their college professor being a vampire and all, but naturally he's shrugged off.

Meanwhile, Peter Vincent in this film is an asshole reality TV star that hosts a show called Fright Night, where he (and a hidden camera crew) go into creepy old castles in search of things that go bump in the night. If you've seen either of the previous Fright Night movies then you can pretty much guess the rest of the flick. The only difference (aside from the minor character changes) is a half-assed story involving Elisabeth Bathory.

This is probably the weakest variation of the Evil Ed character, which says something considering how he was barely even in the remake. Speaking of, it was especially amusing watching him attempt to talk with the oversized prosthetic teeth after his transformation. Amy's character is basically the same, as she shows up only in minor bits of the film until she's eventually captured like she always is. The new Peter Vincent has his typical one-liners and is an overall waste that's also barely in the movie. Sadly Charlie Brewster isn't much of an improvement over any of the other characters aside from being on screen more.

For a straight-to-DVD effort the production values for this were actually pretty good and (at least) offers the appearance of being moderately budgeted. This leads me to the gore, which there was a decent amount of in specific scenes. Luckily it was a mix of practical and CG (but mostly practical) effects. Aside from that, there isn't a whole lot else positive to say. The characters are unlikable, the story is predictable and the dialogue is terrible at times. It's pretty much as you'd expect it to be for a pointless cash-in.

Despite merely existing to cash-in on the Fright Night name, the flick is actually decent in some aspects (gore and production values) and would've made an okay straight-to-DVD effort had it simply been a standalone film. Though, as it stands it's a fairly average vampire film, but a terrible and pointless sequel. 

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