Garden Party Massacre (2018)

January 9, 2018 - 10:01pm | Meredith Brown

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Gregory Blair
Andy Gates, Nichole Bagby, David Leeper, Lise Hart, Gregory Blair, Dawna Lee Heising, Matt Weinglass

Been to a garden party recently? Yeah me either…they are always rather dull, huh? Well not THIS one! Welcome to Caleb and Addie’s strangely twisted and uncomfortable garden party, complete with a knife wielding host.

The young couple kicks off with a proper pre-planning argument in the kitchen, when guests begin to arrive for their backyard cookout/get-together. Amongst the quirky guests: the token gay man, Wes; his possible partner (is he straight?) oddball, Lincoln; the human-epitome of Disney’s Inside Out character “Disgust”, Reena; and the over-the-top, overdressed, vampy sex kitten, Melanie.

As with most parties, there is food, booze and awkward conversation. While the guests are introduced and make their first impression analyses on each other, there is something strangely amuck. Or at least, we assume there is, hence the “Massacre” in the title. Which party person is going to go postal???

Could it be Wes, the wise-cracking sharp tongue homosexual that is already “in” with both hosts? How about Reena, the cynical, complaining pessimistic friend of Addie’s that is basically at the party to show off her BLOOD red velvet cake?

All eyes immediately follow newcomer, Link (Lincoln) who is so gawky, I am still wondering how he became the object of affection by both Wes AND Melanie. Link is a clear lanky emo who continuously tries to follow along with the basic principle of survival, and fails miserably. Quite the lovable character that is needed to drive this fantastically funny ride along.

I cannot continue a review of Garden Party Massacre without the mention of Melanie. No words. Well…perhaps a few. The mere mention of Melanie drives Caleb up the wall, which builds our anticipation. And then, she appears…mystery solved. Melanie, arriving in a stripper pole dress and more caked on make-up than a Manhattan down town tranny, is explosively irritating. And delusional. Yet, her colorful presence keeps the laughter going, especially when the blood bath ensues.

So, who is the killer you ask? Pfft…I cannot tell you, silly rabbit. But you will not be disappointed by the rather bizarre twists in this homage to the 80’s campiness of the horror genre.  Writer/Director/Actor Gregory Blair (who portrays the peculiar Link) knows how to not only throw a party, but beef it up with hilarity and plenty of blood.  This is just pure zany fun and I adored it!

For those looking for comedy horror, Garden Party Massacre is the perfect fill. This opens up to immediate laughter in the hum-drum surroundings of suburbia USA. Great kick-off to a Memorial Day weekend after realizing you may have invited the wrong crowd to your backyard. The group priorities are so out of whack, that you’ll want to kill off some guests yourself. Grab a beer, and enjoy!

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