The Gateway Meat (2008)

June 24, 2009 - 9:42pm | Slayer
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Ron DeCaro
Ron DeCaro, D. Whitney,Turibia Fradoca, Riley Knispal, David Barry and Sophia Flynn

It’s time to dive head first into the festering abyss that is underground horror. Before I start the review I just want to state that people who don’t appreciate the underground genre will probably not enjoy this film. With that being said, let me tell you sickos out there a little bit about Ron DeCaro’s The Gateway Meat.

The Gateway Meat is the final chapter in a series of films known as The Brightside Trilogy. It’s a micro budget movie about a family of satanists who murder various people in order to open a portal to hell. I know the plot sounds extremely vague but if you wanted a complex story go watch an Ingmar Bergman film. All you need to know is that through out the entire movie the family murders, rapes and tortures anyone who comes in their path; and boy is it extremely messy.

The Gateway Meat is one of the most vicious and brutally original films that I have seen in awhile. In a time where it seems like everything has been done before, Ron DeCaro breaks that curse and assaults the audience with imagery they’ve never seen the likes of. The most notable of those images being the awesomely executed “Columbian Neck-Tie” death scene. The effect is so well done I had to rewatch the scene multiple times to believe what I saw!

I could go on and on about the shocking moments in the movie but why spoil all the fun? Watch the movie for yourself and see what I am talking about. However, I will tell you, the reason I watch underground cinema is to see how far filmmakers can push the boundaries and Ron DeCaro definitely knows how to push boundaries.

With only a 70 minute running time, The Gateway Meat is a breeze to watch. The pacing is so tight that the movie rarely drags and almost always has something on the screen to entice the viewers to keep watching. Also, for being a no budget picture the special effects are phenomenal. (I can't stress enough how well done the "Columbian Neck-Tie" scene is)

While I did like the movie for the most part there are some things I feel that keep it from being a classic in the underground genre. First being the editing; there are numerous times in the movie where there are jump cuts or it cuts and the sound is off from the previous scene. While this might be nitpicking, remember this is still a movie and little things like that can take a person out of the experience.

Another thing I noticed is that the scenes, for the most part, feel very disjointed from each other. In a way it works with the imagery in the movie and the disjointed lifestyle of the family but once again I found it distracting and confusing. There was also a couple death scenes that I wanted to see go into more graphic detail but I guess due to do budgetary constraints, it couldn’t be done. Lastly, the acting is a bit iffy at times; its nothing extremely bad and in fact it adds to the movies “charm”. Hell, this movie was far more entertaining than most Hollywood productions with big name actors in it.

For the most part I did enjoy The Gateway Meat; there was enough gore, mayhem, originality and hyper visuals to make me and any other underground horror fan happy. However, due to constraints, some scenes feel very amateurish and took me out of the movie. Fans of underground flicks will enjoy this one but if dead pregnant lady sex isn’t your bag, I suggest watching something else...but hey don't knock it till you try it!

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