Girls Nite Out (1984)

April 26, 2010 - 5:44pm | steelba
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Robert Deubel
Rutanya Alda, Richard Bright, David Holbrook, Julia Montgomery, Lauren Taylor

Girls Nite Out is one of those lesser known or talked about, 80's slashers. I had seen the film once before but didn't quite remember it, so I thought it was time for a revisit. The flick starts out in a dimly lit mental institution with the token nurse and setup. You know, it's dark, bad music plays, and a killer is undoubtedly lurking about. As you would expect, a murder occurs and things get rolling.

The murder itself isn't really noteworthy or entertaining, a bad start indeed. Next comes the obligatory introduction of the main players, which is also underwhelming. The mainstays are barely tolerable and utter some truly terrible dialogue. So annoying I almost canned the flick right away, but I have seen worse, and it is a no budget 80's knock off, so I let it play.

After the awful introduction and a worse meet-and-great, we're treated to more pain staking dialogue. This continues on for what seems like forever before any action takes place. Then once the action does start it's a gore-less double shovel slaying. Yes, nothing is quite as rewarding sitting through a bunch of bad acting to receive a neutered killing. Fortunately, the next killing is with a kitchen knife and boasts some nifty red paint. But after that the film takes a turn into the absurd with a killer Teddy Ruxpin running amok. Yeah you heard me right, some asshole in a bear suit is going around doing all the killing! Now I'm starting remember why I had forgotten this flick.

As far as plot is concerned, a campus scavenger hunt and college partying are the setup for this teddy-bear-gone-bad fiasco. The kills do sport some blood, but no creativity, or gore is present. Things go about as you'd expect with people leaving for no reason, then turning up dead. It is all very by the numbers and predictable of course.

About the only entertaining thing about it was the obscenities the bear repeatedly shouts while killing the victims, and even they get repetitive. I mean how many times can you call a girl 'filthy whore' before it gets old. This really is about all you get, some dirty name calling and boring murders. There is somewhat of a twist ending I suppose, but you won't care about it by the time it rolls around. Pretty much everything you see here has been done before and better. Although I have seen far worse, this is still pretty bad stuff.

Girls Nite Out should remain forgotten, as it offers nothing new or good to the genre. I have a hard time imagining this film has any kind of a fan base, when almost every other slasher is better. The few things this film does offer up are entirely forgettable, as is the film. Do yourself a favor and skip this flick.

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