Grabbers (2012)

December 10, 2012 - 7:28pm | FrighT MasteR
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Jon Wright
Richard Coyle, Ruth Bradley, Russell Tovey, Bronagh Gallagher, Lalor Roddy

I'm partial to anything remotely Lovecraftian, so naturally I've been anxiously awaiting the chance to catch this horror comedy featuring some large tentacled beasties. Now finally having seen it I'm happy to report that it actually turned out to be a pretty good flick!

The movie centers on a small Irish fishing town and a group of eccentric characters, specifically its often drunk police officer and his newly appointed straight-edged female partner, who couldn't have joined at a more wrong time, as a string of strange deaths and disappearances have been turning up lately. With the help of a local marine ecologist, the leads determine that the culprit may be an unusual little blue octopus-like creature that was captured by one of the townies after it attacked him.

They further conclude that the alien being needs blood and water to survive and it happens to be deathly allergic to alcohol, but what's really alarming is the fact that it appears to be a baby, and its adult counterpart will likely enter the town during a storm that's estimated to occur the following night. This means they'll have to not only get the whole town in one location, but also get everyone drunk as balls in order to survive!

This is a pretty fun film that kicks into gear early on and proceeds at a good pace, offering up some decent jokes, an interesting cast of characters and some above-average CG effects. It was nice to see that unlike most recent horror comedies, the jokes here actually worked and the ones that didn't weren't an issue since none of it seemed forced or unnecessary. I suppose it's partially due to the likable characters we're given, namely the leads.

Luckily the CG used for the creatures in the film were (for the most part) surprisingly well done, but I wish more could've been done with the look of them, as the adult really did look kinda like one big octopus, but I digress. I did, however, really dig the little baby ones, which were very Gremlins-like during a couple scenes. I enjoyed the flick either way, and it's good to see a horror comedy genuinely work for once, let-alone a creature feature. Bring on a sequel!

This is an all-around fun creature feature that offers some decent comedy, silly characters, and above-average CG effects. Whether you're a Lovecraft fan or someone simply looking for an enjoyable horror comedy, you'll likely have a good time with this one. Worth a look!

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