Happy Hell Night (1992)

September 6, 2010 - 2:04pm | FrighT MasteR
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Brian Owens
Larry Robinson, Lisa Nichols, Sam Rockwell, Irfan Mensur, Charles Cragin

This is a fairly underrated 90's slasher. It definitely had its moments and the undead priest looked pretty cool. There's also a moderate amount of gore and lots of blood and dead bodies, which is always a plus.

The film starts off 25 years earlier where a priest goes into a mortuary where he discovers seven dead fraternity pledges all scattered around this skinny pale priest with black eyes and a bloody heart in each hand. The priest is then locked up in a mental asylum and then forgotten.

Present day (1992 at the time), these new pledges at a fraternity get a task to take a picture of the evil priest in his cell in order to be let in the fraternity. Two pledges go into the cell, but only one makes it out alive... The rest of the film is pretty much easily figured out.

Some of the beginning reminded me of Halloween because of the whole deal with the priest being in his cell for 25 years, not moving a finger or saying a word. Then someone mentions it's like he's just waiting for something (sound familiar?) The evil priest is a bit of an interesting character because of his pale hairless look and black eyes. The weapon he used was kinda cool too.

This is like your basic slasher except for the fact that the priest is a demon in human form. I thought that was an interesting twist to your basic slasher, and the fact that he didn't bother putting on some kind of lameass mask.

There wasn't much as far as effects go, but the ones they did have were surprisingly decent. The whole movie is rather predictable and obviously didn't have much originality to it, but that didn't seem to bother me since it was still fun watching the priest just slash away at the frat people.

One kind of random scene I thought was very hilarious was when one of the main characters picks up this one chick at a party, but the funny part was the pick up line he used...

GUY: Haven't seen you here
GIRL: I've been here, maybe you weren't looking
GUY: I'm looking now...wanna fuck?
GIRL: Sure, why not

WTF?? Damn, if I knew it was that easy I wouldn't be here sittin' on my ass typin' up this review!

Not a bad underrated slasher flick. The undead demonic priest looked pretty cool and there were plenty of dead bodies. Despite it's unoriginality, it entertained me from the start. Worth a check!

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