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Hard Ride to Hell (2010)

  Tags: action, adventure, bikers, Brent Strait, David Rosiak, desert, devil worshipers, Katherine Isabelle, Laura Mennel, Matthew Chernov, Miguel Ferrer, Penelope Buitenhuis, Reunion Pictures, satanists

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Penelope Buitenhuis
94 minutes
Richard Faraci, Miguel Ferrer, Sebastian Gacki, Teach Grant, Katharine Isabelle, Brad Kelly, Brandon Jay McLaren, Laura Mennell, Brendan Penny, Brent Stait

Hard Ride to Hell is an attempted throwback to earlier road films and seems to borrow a lot from the similarly-themed Race with the Devil, but in the end (aside from a couple notable genre faces) it's just another easily forgettable straight-to-DVD horror effort.

The movie revolves around a group of young friends on a little camping adventure that mistakenly witness a gang of devil-worshiping bikers perform a blood sacrifice. This results in the bikers to come after the group and the leader (Miguel Ferrer) to impregnate one of the ladies, in hopes of spawning some sort of anti-Christ. With the help of a traveling knife salesman (who just so happens to be ex-special forces), the remaining survivors hold up in an old church for one last stand against the pesky bikers.

Being a fan of road-themed genre flicks and keen to the idea of devil-worshiping bikers, I really wanted to like this. However, it's really hard to like a movie without completely ignoring its faults, which are many in this case. For instance, the script is just plain bad, especially the dialogue. Any character in today's modern cinema that says "sweet jiminy" needs to be killed immediately, and what the hell was up with one of the bikers yelling out "apple pie!!" while breaking into the church!?

We get a half-assed explanation behind the madness of the bikers and their leader, all conveniently detailed by a priest that the group encounter towards the end, who has supposedly been waiting decades to put a stop to the bikers. Miguel Ferrer is a great actor, but his performance was pretty hollow and uninspiring as the leader of the biker gang. It seemed quite obvious that he was only there for a paycheck and didn't bother to put forth much effort into his character.

Considering its limited budget, there's some decent blood, but the effects are lacking where it really counts -- the gore, which we get very little of. Even a scene involving a chainsaw shoved into some dude's belly (or armpit if you look close enough) it would naturally garner some gore, but here all we get is some blood spraying about.

The film offers a bland group of characters, inept dialogue, and a predictable storyline. Unless you enjoy watching easily forgettable straight-to-DVD horror flicks, I'd advise skipping this.

Posted on May 28, 2010 - 10:02pm | FrighT MasteR