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Hidden (2009)

  Tags: ghost, hidden, Norway, Norwegian, Pål Øie, Skjult, slasher

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Skjult poster
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Pål Øie
96 minutes
Kristoffer Joner, Karin Park, Arthur Berning, Bjarte Hjelmeland

This Norwegian horror hasn't received as much international attention as the other recent Norwegian horrors have but Hidden (aka Skjult), which was released in cinemas in Norway earlier this year to pretty decent numbers, is actually quite good. The movie centers around KK (which is a strange nickname for someone seeing as how KK is also short for fuckbuddy in Norwegian). He was abused as a child by his crazy mother and managed to escape when he was still a teen. Now, he's all grown up and his mother has just passed away. He's inherited her house in the woods and wants to get rid of it as soon as possible... but what he doesn't know is that something is still waiting for him inside the house.

Hidden is the new horror flick from the director of Dark Woods (aka Villmark) and since I absolutely loved that movie I was very excited to see Hidden. Unfortunately it kind of passed under the radar in Norway as well since it's not a teen horrorflick like all other recent Norwegian horrors and still hasn't received a DVD-release (despite the fact that it was released in cinemas in April - with more visitors than both Dark Woods and Manhunt). Anyway, Hidden can be called an unofficial sequel to Dark Woods in many ways since it has a very similar vibe to it. It's a suspenseful ghost story with many creepy scenes and a great atmosphere. The cinematography is stunning with breath-taking visuals. I'll be damned if this isn't the best-looking Norwegian film I've ever seen actually.

However, Hidden has quite a few flaws. What starts as a ghost story soon turns into a backwoods slasher flick (much like Dark Woods did), and it's not necessarily a very good one at that. A killer shows up wearing a doll mask which confuses the story. Many things make little to no sense at all and when the movie is finally over there are still many questions left unanswered. The story is utterly predictable and cliched - we've seen it a hundred times before. It really is the creepy atmosphere and the suspenseful moments that makes this movie worth while because the story itself is pretty basic.

The actors also do a terrific job with lifting this movie, and most of the actors have also returned from Dark Woods. Hidden isn't a hidden gem at all and there's no need to order a copy from Norway when it gets a DVD release, but if you happen to stumble onto it, it might be worth a watch. I don't believe we'll hear much more about this movie in the future though as it'll struggle to find international distribution but I thought I'd make you aware at least that there is indeed another Norwegian horror movie on the market.

Hidden is a bit too clichéd and overambitious for its own good but it's still a rather suspense full horror flick which deserved to do better than it did at the local box-office. I really hope we get to see a DVD release soon but since a date still hasn't been set, who knows when this will be available to the international audience.

Posted on August 1, 2009 - 5:05am | AnthroFred