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High Tension (2003)

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Alexandre Aja
86 minutes
Cécile De France, Maïwenn Le Besco, Philippe Nahon, Franck Khalfoun

I heard a lot of good stuff on this French Flick, especially after news that Lion's Gate is going to distribute it in the states. I got a chance to check, what I believe to be, the uncut version and not the cut Korean version. I'm glad I checked the movie, because I found it to be pretty damn sweet and just what I was looking for in a horror flick right now. The story is about a couple young college students visiting family in their farmhouse out in the country. After showing up, a strange man comes and slaughters the family -- leaving only the two girls left alive, but the thing is he doesn't know that the other girl exists, because she kept herself hidden while the attack occurred. Now she not only has to keep herself hidden, but finds a way to get help, while still staying on his tail after he leaves the house.

What I really liked about this movie was the fact that it was very dark and raw, which I thought was a big reason why I liked Texas Chainsaw Massacre. This movie really hits the audience with violent deaths that'll either make gore-fanatics (like me) very happy or squeamish people very uneasy. If this seriously wasn't the uncut version I'd be really surprised, because what I saw was pretty damn bloody and gory. Another thing I liked about this flick was the fact that there was very little dialogue, because there weren't many characters, and the main character didn't have anyone to talk to since she had to remain hidden most of the time. I thought that was very cool, because I'm a strong believer in actions being stronger than words. Since the girl has to keep away from the guy so much, there's a lot of tension in many of the scenes that really keeps you interested.

Now with all this praise, why'd I only give it a 7? Well simply because I really wasn't into the ending. Much like Jeepers Creepers, the movie starts out with a bang, but then goes down hill towards the end. I was seriously digging most of the flick until the "twist" in the last 10 mins of the film. What a disappointment that was, and it was going so well too; oh well. Had the movie stayed how it was from the beginning to the end, then I would have most definitely given it an 8-rating, but because of the unoriginal ending, I had to give it a 7. Though, at least the ending did explain why the heroine was such a wuss in the beginning. One thing I did like about what was going on towards the end was the fact that it slightly reminded me of Texas Chainsaw Massacre because the killer had a saw that sounded exactly like a chainsaw when he was going after the girl in the middle of nowhere. Cool stuff. I'm definitely gonna buy this flick when Lion's Gate releases it on DVD (whenever that is). I'm sure they'll have the Uncut version, much like they do with seemingly all their movies.

A gory surprise. Lots of blood, gore, and excellent tension between the heroine and killer in the flick. I would have given it an 8-rating, but the ending had to ruin it for me. Recommended none-the-less.

Posted on July 29, 2009 - 11:43pm | FrighT MasteR