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Home Sweet Home (1981)

  Tags: 80's, 80's slasher, cheesy, home sweet home, Jake Steinfeld, mental patient, Peter DePaula, Salle Elyse, thanksgiving, Vinessa Shaw

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Netie Pena
85 minutes
Jake Steinfeld, Salle Elyse, Vinessa Shaw, Peter DePaula

Home Sweet Home is 80's cheese at its best and is the perfect example as to why I love genre flicks from the decade -- even if they're bad they can be hilariously fun to watch! Before Jake Steinfeld convinced America that his 'Body by Jake' fitness equipment works, he terrorized unsuspecting couples during a thanksgiving feast with his loud grunting, heavy breathing, and uncontrollable high-pitched laughter, in a little-known slasher called Home Sweet Home.

In the movie Jake plays some bruting escaped mental patient that's loaded on PCP and ready to kill people during the Thanksgiving holiday. How he got his hands on PCP is just one of many questions posed in the flick, but I digress. Jake somehow finds his way to a secluded house in the countryside, where a group of miss-matched couples are meeting together for a nice little Thanksgiving feast.

There's no question that Home Sweet Home is a bad movie, but it's literally so bad it's funny. Mostly thanks to the incredibly hilarious acting from Jake and some of his fellow co-stars. Not to mention this ridiculous character, properly named "mistake," who (for some reason) wears mime makeup throughout the flick and does nothing but barge in on couples before they have sex and plays the hell out of this guitar that he carries around with him in the entire pic. In fact, even while he's running from the killer, he has the F'n thing still over his shoulder!

No matter what's going on-screen, Jake's over-acting steals the show every time. His constant bug-eye stares and unnecessary grunting, laughing and flexing is pure gold! The kills are pretty lame and there is absolutely no gore and barely any blood, but you know, for once that isn't really a big deal since the movie was pretty entertaining on its own right. This might as well have been a comedy since there were so many unintentionally funny scenes in it, from the dialogue to the acting, you'll likely spend most of your time laughing your ass off, like I did.

The director obviously saved the worst acting for last, when we're witness to some of the blandest "scared" acting you'll likely ever see. For instance, we have one scene where this dude sees a dead body and then casually says to himself "what is going on here?" then seconds later runs away screaming his lungs out; or a female survivor whose facial expression or tone of voice never seems to change, regardless of whether the killer is around the corner or not. That's probably why she had to say she was "scared" several times to another survivor, because she sure as hell didn't show it.

I think the most believable acting came out’ve a couple clueless police officers, who only showed up in a couple of scenes, and of actress Vinessa Shaw (The Hills Have Eyes, 3:10 to Yuma) who plays a little girl that recites the lines "I have to go to the bathroom" a few times in the flick, which is coincidentally the best dialogue in the entire movie! In true 80's fashion, absolutely nothing is explained and we're forced to simply accept things as they are. Gotta love it!

Home Sweet Home is definitely not a good movie, but it's an incredibly hilarious and fun one to watch due to the numerous unintentionally funny scenes, and let's face it, the genre is low on Thanksgiving-themed horror flicks anyway. If you're looking for a good gory slasher entry then steer clear of this one, but if you're looking for a movie with a lot of loud grunting, heavy breathing, and a bug-eyed Jake Steinfeld, then do see this!

Posted on November 26, 2009 - 2:54am | FrighT MasteR