House of Death (1983)


I never really checked any info on this movie before seeing it, so I didn't know whether it was going to be any good or not, but man, I wish I had, because this movie was boring. The deaths were slow until towards the end and not much really went on except for the dumbass teens in the film making out and spending a lot of their time at the town fair and some wooded area.

There's really nothing much to the plot; it’s about some teens going planning to hang out later that night to celebrate something. They end up going to the fair as a group and hang out at the forest later that night. Then they decide to go to the local cemetery to tell ghost stories -- all the while not realizing that their fellow group members are dying one by one. Eventually they find out and try to get cover in an old house.

I don't understand why they decided to call this movie House of Death, when only the last 15-minutes-or-so actually was taken place within an old house. Most of the movie was just the stupid teens hanging out in various places. I couldn't really gather the motive of the killer either. It seemed like he just went out and killed random people around town and for one reason or another, he decides to follow the teens. When I thought they'd explain things in the end; they don't.

Instead when the killer is finally revealed it leaves the audience confused and wondering. At least that's what it left me. They showed some clips of the killer as a child that may have explained a little about why he or she decided to go on a killing spree, but it didn't help matters. Here's the explanation for the killings, and this is taken from the movie...

Survivor: Why?

Sheriff: I don't know


What kind of explanation is that!? .... Anyway, not much on the gore-scale since most of the kills are pretty plain and boring. The only "gore" I remember seeing was when some mofo got his throat slit and some blood was gushing out. I would have given the movie a lower-rating, because of it being so boring and pointless, but I thought it was decent in parts and the acting and directing wasn't as bad as some other movies I've seen.

A boring 80's slasher. Deaths are plain and the characters are annoying. Don't waste your time with this.
A boring 80's slasher. Deaths are plain and the characters are annoying. Don't waste your time with this.