Hush (2009)

August 19, 2009 - 12:50am | FrighT MasteR
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Mark Tonderai
Will Ash, Christine Bottomley, Andreas Wisniewski, Claire Keelan, Stuart McQuarrie

There's one thing the genre is not in short of and that's road movies. Luckily for me, I'm partial to genre flicks set around traveling and survival pics taken place in the woods or on the road. Hush is no different, and in fact, is pretty much a carbon copy of other films with similar themes, like Breakdown and The Vanishing,  both of which are far superior in many aspects. Regardless, Hush is still a decent little road thriller, in my opinion.

The film follows a couple on the road from one truck stop to the other, as the man replaces old poster ads with new ones placed around the rest area. Amidst this tedious job is a bumpy relationship between the man and his girlfriend Beth, whom he suspects may be cheating on him. One night while on the way to the next rest area a near-accident on the road results in a trucker's cargo door to open slightly, revealing what may or may not have been a caged women in the back. The couple immediately dials the police, but are treated as potential crank callers and are unable to get assistance.

The couple decide that it was just their eyes playing tricks on them and decide to go about their business. However, it seems fate has another plan in mind, as the trucker decides to make a stop at the very same rest area. It doesn't take long before the man realizes that his girlfriend has been taken captive by the mysterious trucker and placed in the back with the rest of the "cargo", leading him on a journey to rescue his woman from whatever dangers may lie ahead.

Hush isn't a bad film, it just doesn't really offer much as far as originality goes, but there are some fairly tense moments between the man and the trucker. I especially loved the concept of possibly seeing someone held captive in the back of the vehicle. The script also could've used a bit more work, as we're left with a few unanswered questions and the final moments of the film seemed to end a little too hastily.

More of a road thriller than a horror flick, Hush proved to just be a carbon copy of several other similarly-themed films, but still managed to offer some tense scenes here and there. Worth a check if you're looking for an average flick that's neither good, nor bad.

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