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I, Madman (1989)

  Tags: 80's, cheesy, Clayton Rohner, Jenny Wright, Mary Baldwin, Michelle Jordan, Randall William Cook, slasher, Stephanie Hodge, Tibor Takács, underrated, Vance Valencia

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Tibor Takács
89 minutes
Jenny Wright, Clayton Rohner, Randall William Cook, Stephanie Hodge, Michelle Jordan, Vance Valencia, Mary Baldwin

This is one of those guilty pleasure-type films for me. It's one of those movies that not many people may know about or even like and it may not even be particularly good, but like it anyway for one reason or another. The reason why I really like this film is the fact that I enjoyed it when I was a kid and when I heard it was coming to DVD; I knew I just had to have it and watch it all over again. I'm just trying to track down the horror films I enjoyed when I was younger.

Another reason I like the movie was its original plot - the story is basically about a woman who loves to read books and who happens to work in a local bookstore. She comes across an interesting book by a seemingly unknown author and falls in love with his work. She eventually gets another book from the author that is really hard to get a hold of and after reading the book she begins seeing the killer from within the book right before her eyes. She questions her sanity, but comes to the conclusion that somehow the killer from the book is making its way in her life and killing those around her. She decides to track down the author in hopes of finding out the meaning behind her delusions.

Director Tibor Takács also did another guilty pleasure of mine called The Gate. Tibor has done quite a few flicks, but personally I think this and The Gate was his only "worth watching" films, but then again, I haven't seen a lot of his stuff. The performances by the beautiful Jenny Wright and Clayton Rohner were well done. I remember seeing Clayton from the cool, but sadly canceled USA television show, G vs E or Good vs. Evil. That was a damn cool show.

The killer in the movie is pretty cool looking with that black thing covering his mouth and nose. There's not much for gore and it does have some cheesy effects, especially when we encounter a demon creature later on in the film, but that just makes the movie all-the-more fun. I was going to give the movie a 6-rating, but then I figured a 7 was best since I really enjoyed the movie and the interesting and cheesy story.

A guilty pleasure. Cheesy, but has an interesting and original plot for a slasher flick. Worth a rent.

Posted on July 6, 2009 - 5:51am | FrighT MasteR