The Jurassic Games (2018)


I despised The Hunger Games. And I am NOT a fan of the Jurassic Park films. So why on earth would I ever enjoy something called “THE JURASSIC GAMES?” Makes no sense…but I sure did!

It’s the not-so-far-off-future and the American media has been programming an annually anticipated showcase for the public: The Jurassic Games. Ten selected death row inmates are chosen to battle it out in a virtual dinosaur infested jungle for his/her freedom. There can only be one winner, and when you die in the game…you are dead in real life. Sounds deliciously evil, huh?

Without wasting a moment, the audience is thrusted into a very real-life experience alongside some of the most notoriously sinister criminals who have agreed to fight for their life. As the 10 of them are hooked up into this virtual reality world, each is equipped with a neck monitor, and the clothes on their backs. There are no rules – winner takes all.

Expect the immediate demise of one another as freedom seems more obtainable if each felon takes out one another rather than race to the finish through hungry raptors and pterodactyl territory. Those things are vicious!

Clearly, the watchers around the globe have a soft spot for handsome Tucker, the inmate found guilty of murdering his wife and leaving two teenagers at home to pray for their father’s safety. Tucker is the most relatable, sympathetic and possibly innocent player in The Jurassic Games. He is the “one to watch” and feels the heat amongst all fellow competitors from the get go.

Take note, this sounds like a battle of brawn but alas…there ARE two women who are just as conniving as The Wasp and Albert, the Cannibal. The front runner is Joy who is anything but. Joy is young, pretty and brutal. She smiles sweetly yet venomously while attempting to obliterate each and every rival who gets in her way.

And while this cruel annihilation is taking place in this cybernetic realm, the puppet masters (AKA: show producers) are frantically finagling ways to increase the tension for the prisoners to meet their demise. The deaths are harsh and ruthless as they endlessly encounter hungry T-Rexes with no prejudice. And if you think alliances will be made a la Survivor-style, think again.

The Jurassic Games is pure, endless FUN! There is no build up, no flashbacks, and no back stories. Just nonstop, heartless entertainment. Ryan Bellgardt nailed the uncertainty of every opponent playing the games…no one is safe!

I did NOT expect to love this, but wow! What a fabulously blood-filled and violent ride! You don’t have to love dinosaurs, or hate serial killers. You just have to enjoy a sick and twisted game of hunting humans vs. survival of the fittest. Consider this…a malicious murderer could win it all and be back in your community by morning. Frightening!