Kakashi (2001)

October 23, 2009 - 12:01am | FrighT MasteR
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Norio Tsuruta
Maho Nonami, Kou Shibasaki, Grace Ip, Yoshiki Arizono, Mizuho Igarashi

Kakashi means Scarecrow in Japanese, so that being the title and having the plot about a strange town full of scarecrows makes for an interesting story. It's just too bad it wasn't that good of a story. Like I stated above, the story is basically about a girl searching for her brother who has turned up missing. She searches his room to find a letter from a girl located in a small village. She goes to the village and meets up with a lot of the strange villagers. She notices a lot of scarecrows everywhere and eventually finds out that the people have a celebration of some sort that deals with the scarecrows.

This was a pretty decent film. I strayed away from checking it sooner, because of the negative reviews I read, but a few people I knew recommended me to check it, so I decided I might as well. The movie kept my interest and I like movies that deal with scarecrows and such, so that was a plus. I also like movies that deal with people going to strange towns for some reason. My main complaint about the movie would have to be the fact that not much goes on. It goes on a rather slow pace and there weren't any decent scares. Some parts might have seemed slightly creepy, but having seen many good Asian films as I have that have so many genuinely good scares, this just pales in comparison and I wasn't impressed.

The story gets a little weird as time goes on and despite the incredibly slow-pace of the movie, I was never really bored. There's not much for gore or even blood in the movie. I think there's actually a PG-rating for this, although I could be wrong. The directing wasn't too bad and the movie had a nice dark atmosphere. I would have given this a lower-rating, but I found it to be a decent watch, at least once anyway.

Good film, but not something you'd really expect. More of an actor-driven movie with a very good plot that leads to a whacked out ending. Not really recommended unless you don't mind waiting an hour for the horror to start. Might be a good film for all you plot lovers though.

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