King of the Hill (2007)

December 9, 2010 - 12:10am | FrighT MasteR
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Gonzalo López-Gallego
Leonardo Sbaraglia, María Valverde, Thomas Riordan, Andrés Juste, Pablo Menasanch, Francisco Olmo, Manuel Sánchez Ramos

Spain has been coming out with some recent above-average horror lately, and King of the Hill is no different. Though the premise nor the villains are exactly the most original, the film still manages to stand above other similar efforts in the genre, mostly due to the nice tension throughout the movie and directing talents of Gonzalo López-Gallego. There's even a surprisingly effective first-person-shooter perspective that was introduced in Doom, but seemingly perfected in this film.

As I said before, the story isn't anything new -- a man traveling by car to meet his ex-girlfriend finds himself lost in the road of a heavily-wooded area of the country. It's not long before he's hunted down by mysterious gunmen hidden deep within the woods. He eventually meets up with a woman, whom he had a brief sexual encounter with at a gas station earlier in the film, and we follow the two as they attempt to survive the rest of the movie.

Similar to other recent flicks from the genre, I found King of the Hill a bit more satisfying. It's simple, yet effective, and if it hadn't been for the other-said horror flicks, the villains would have come as more of a surprise. Aside from some CGI blood spurts, there's really no gore, but considering that the victims all die by gunshots I suppose it wasn't really necessary. Not exactly dialogue-heavy, the movie relies a lot on the actor's portrayal of people just trying to survive, with quite a few tense scenes to boot.

A simple yet effective story and one of the better survival horror efforts I've seen recently. Not exactly original, but thanks to the talents of the director, we're given a few pretty tense scenes and a cool FPS perspective in certain parts of the movie. Worth a check if you're into backwoods survival horror.

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