Late Phases (2014)

February 17, 2016 - 10:41pm | DMHead777
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Adrian Garcia Bogliano
Nick Damici, Erin Cummings, Ethan Embry, Tina Louise, Lance Guest, Tom Noonan, Karen Lynn Gorney, Caitlin O'Hearney, Rutanya Alda

Plot: A blind veteran moves to a retirement community. With a werewolf on the loose, Ambrose is the only person that can stop it.

Werewolf films are some of the best horror films out there. Nothing beats an old fashioned and highly practical transformation scene. In my honest opinion, "Dog Soldiers" was the last great werewolf flick. There have been some werewolf films here and there over the years, but nothing that held a candle to Neil Marshall's 2002 gore fest. Now, when I think of recent werewolf films, Late Phases comes to mind. "Late Phases" has it all: great performances, a unique story and practical effects.

You wouldn't expect the acting to be so good in a random Netflix werewolf film, but then you wouldn't be watching "Late Phases". Nick Damici puts on a fantastic performance as the blind veteran Ambrose. All the actors put on solid performances, but I think Nick is on another level. The range of emotions his character goes through is something you don't see too often in a horror film. He is cranky and stubborn, but has a big heart.

Besides the mystery aspect of who the werewolf is, the effects were pleasing. Nowadays it's so easy to run effects through a computer and have it look horrible. The filmmakers took their time and presented us with solid gore. The main transformation scene was edited so well that it looks like he/she is transforming in seconds when the scene probably took hours or days to complete. My only complaint is the look of the werewolves. They look sort of like five foot tall gremlins with hair, but it's still done very well.

See this film. It's on Netflix right now and is just begging for you to watch it. It has a solid cast, story, editing and character development. Late Phases has everything you wouldn't expect to be in a new werewolf film. Nick Damici puts on a great performance with emotions that go all over the place. It's a fun watch and will stick in your mind for days after.

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