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Leprechaun in the Hood (2000)

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Rob Spera
91 minutes
Warwick Davis, Ice-T, Coolio, Anthony Montgomery, Rashaan Nall, Red Grant

I was actually a fan of the lep movies when I was younger, but then at the time there were only two other sequels and they were pretty decent rents. Once I saw the lame-ass part 4, where he's in space, I pretty much gave up.

This movie takes place obviously in the hood, where a few local guys are struggling to make it in the rap game. In the first part of the movie we are introduced to Ice-T's character in the 70's decade. He and a friend of his chase after a rumor that there's gold somewhere. They check it out and do stumble onto the gold, but also the lep. Somehow Ice-T manages to get the leprechaun under the necklace, which freezes him and keeps the gold and also the now-frozen lep.

Fast-forward 30 years and we see Ice-T as a rich and powerful individual and the top man in the hood. The three struggling rappers go to Ice-T's character for help makin' it in the business, but get turned down. They notice the necklace on some kind of mannequin creature and decide to steal it later that night. Upon doing so, they release the lep from his frozen hell and unleash a whole lot of pain. From then on we see the lep go about killing some of the local hoodlums, smoke a little mary-jane, and yes, even rap in front of a live audience

Now I've seen a lot of horrible movies over the years and although this is a bad movie, it's not as bad as I've seen. It has its interesting moments, but overall it's still just a waste of time and effort. The budget for the movie seems to be non-existent; because I'm sure they probably spent it all on getting Warwick Davis and Ice-T. The movie has some cheesy exploding stomach scenes and a lame, but hot, group of leprechaun's girls. Apparently he puts them under a spell of some sort and makes them do his bidding.

Aside from the fact that Warlick reprises his role as the lep, it almost seems like an entirely different character. The lep's got new powers I don't remember him using before and he seems more sexually frustrated. Not only that, but he becomes addicted to marijuana. On top of that he raps towards the end of the flick. What a waste of time. I've seen Ice-T act in other flicks, but this has got to be his worst work yet.

What I thought was silly about the movie is the fact that part 4 is taken place far in the future while this one takes place in present day. It would make more sense if they switched the two to keep them in order, but I'm sure no one expected to see another sequel. One thing that really annoyed me about the movie aside from the horrible scripting is the fact that the leprechaun talked in rhymes all the time. I know he’s done it in the previous flicks before, but he just wouldn't stop in this movie. It just seemed really stupid and pointless in my opinion.

The second-to-the-worst of the leprechaun sequels. Interesting in parts, but the low-budget and horrible scripting ruin the flick. Don't bother.

Posted on September 29, 2011 - 9:39pm | FrighT MasteR